I'm no Angel

The crash stuffed up my life. I was broken. Then I got adopt by a lovely lady that has many adoptive boys and has children of her own. But, this one boy I think I love with all my heart. He helped me when I was broken even though he has no clue he did. The boy with those god damn snake bites. Wow.


3. Slipped threw my fingers

I woke up to feel pain radiating from my stomach, head and throat. I opened my eyes to see a very white ceiling. I breathed in to smell a very clean room. I looked down at my body to see other people in beds like mine then reality hit me. My eyes widened. I’m in a freaking hospital! I thought to myself. I threw the blanket off of my body to see a blue gown that shows your butt when you stand. I lifted up the gown, not caring if I flashed the world my parts and looked at my stomach. I had a bandage wrapped around the place above my belly button and just below my ribs. I touched the bandage then winced. God it hurts, I thought to myself. I pulled the gown back over my body then touched my head to feel a bandage there too. I touched my neck, near my jaw to feel a patch the size of my palm. I groaned and sat up, not caring about the pain radiating from my body. I looked at my arms to see cords running off of my body to a drip, a heart monitor and another thing that I thought was for a pain killer of some sort. I ripped the cords out of my arm then heard beeping coming from the heart monitor. Nurses and doctors ran in to see me standing up. The nurses came running over to me.

“Don’t do that, you need to rest, you need the fluids,” the nurses chanted together.

I yanked my bloody arms away from them,” no I don’t, I’m perfectly fine! Leave me alone!”

I took a step towards the door then got pulled back by a grey haired nurse,” Don’t touch me!” I screamed in her face,” I want to go home! I want to get out of this gown that shows my arse! Leave me alone to at least change into something else!”

The doctors and nurses all looked at me like I was an animal that can attack them at any moment… well, I guess I could. I took another step forward and saw my clothes on a seat on the other side of the bed. I walked over, grabbed the clothes and marched into another room with the nurses, doctors and the people that were sleeping, watching me walk away. I walked into the room to find it a bathroom. I went to the toilet, did my business and then washed my blood covered arms. Blood seemed to seep through my skin to run down my arms to cover my hands. I yanked off my hospital gown and ripped it up to make strips of fabric. I tied them onto my arms then got changed. I put on my racing suit that had a rip where a piece of metal entered my front. I cringed and then washed the blood off of my hands. I looked into the mirror to see my face looking very tired and pale. My blue eyes didn’t look full of light but looked dull and tired. I shook my head and left the room. I walked to where some nurses were talking in hushed voices, carrying stitching utensils. I stopped walking when they looked up at me.

“Angel, will you cooperate with us for 15 minutes then we will allow you to leave?” The grey haired nurse asked.

I nodded and sat down on the bed. The nurses rolled up my racing suit’s arms and took off the strips of fabric covering my bleeding arms. They put needles into my arms to dull the pain and started stitching up my skin. 10 minutes later they were finished and cleaned up the wounds and then bandaged them. I thanked them then left the hospital to see Boss man standing at the front desk of the hospital. He looked up and saw me. He looked tired.

“Angel, you can’t live with me anymore now that you got hurt. You can’t drive you trucks and motor bikes anymore; it’s the police’s orders. Also your parents don’t want you to be in my care anymore but they don’t want you either so I’m going to get a taxi to drop you off at your adoptive parents place,” I let out a sad noise,” I’m sorry Angel, I’m so sorry.”

He turned around and walked out of the hospital, for me never to see him again. I looked at the man at the desk and then turned around to walk to a seat, away from everyone. I put my head in my hands. I felt my heart break. Why is everything now going to s***? I had a great life, a life I loved and now it’s just slipping through my fingers like it never existed. I sobbed, from the pain and from the confusion. How long have I been in here? My parents can’t make decisions for me now that they aren’t in my life any more. I buried my hands in my dirty, tangled, blonde hair and closed my eyes. Breath Angel, Just breath.

“In,” I chanted under my breath, breathing in,” Out,” Then out.

“Angel?” I looked up to see a taxi driver standing at the door with his uniform on,” Your taxi is here,”

I stood up and walked out of the hospital, following behind the taxi driver, sliding into the back of the taxi, buckling up.

“Is my stuff in the trunk?” I asked.

“Yes Ma’am, Mr Richards put it in the back before I came in to get you,” The driver told me.

Mr Richards was Boss man. I sighed and leaned my bandaged head gingerly onto the window. The car started to drive, out of the city, making his way to California where I assumed my adoptive parents place was. I sighed. Why did everything have to have slipped through my fingers?

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