I'm no Angel

The crash stuffed up my life. I was broken. Then I got adopt by a lovely lady that has many adoptive boys and has children of her own. But, this one boy I think I love with all my heart. He helped me when I was broken even though he has no clue he did. The boy with those god damn snake bites. Wow.


6. Pancakes

I got down the stair to see all the boys gobbling up there pancakes. I giggled when I saw Tyson with batter in his brown curls and chocolate smeared on his nose from the chocolate pancakes. I walked up to him, licked my thumb then cleaned up the chocolate. I got it all off, onto my finger and licked the chocolate off it. Tyson just couldn’t stop staring at me as I licked my finger. I looked at everyone at the table as they talked very loudly and threw food around. I grabbed a pancake and shoved it in my mouth whole, not caring that all the boys stopped playing with their food and looked up at me.

“What?” I asked around a huge mouth full of chocolate pancake… mmm, it was awesome.

“Umm, haha, love,” I looked at Tyson, still chewing,” You got something on your chin,” He motioned to his chin.

I grinned with a full mouth and wiped my mouth, only to wipe it on Tyson’s rock hard stomach.

“EWW! ANGEL! THAT’S DISGUSTING!” He yelled while running to the sink like a girl.

“Your bisgusting!” I told him then swallowed my food, grabbing another pancake and shoved it in my mouth.

I hear Tammy and Sammy laughing at me and I grinned at them with a mouth full of food. I walked around the table, eyeing the boys. I grinned when I caught the eye of a guy older than me. I stretched out my hand for him to take.

“My names Angel, your’s?” I asked the slightly chubby guy.

“Connor, your like super pretty. Can’t believe you got hurt. You would have been a total babe to all the guys in the world in your truck. We should go shopping, like oh my gawd, I love your hair,” He grabbed a bunch of my hair and put it near his face,” would I look like super-hot with this coloured hair?” He asked everyone at the table and I laughed.

“That’s totally your colour honey, it would bring out your eye colour,” I grinned.

He smiled back and wrapped an arm around my waist,” She’s so cute, I love her already but not as much as some,” He looked at a blushing Tyson in a kitchen and I grinned.

“Naww, Tyson, don’t blush. Just because I’m so irresistible like oh my gawd,” Connor giggled next to me as I talked in an ‘I’m-so-up-myself’ voice.

He blushed a deeper red then looked at the stairs. I followed his gaze to see a fully dressed boy with snake bites. I swallowed and looked up at Connor as he looked down at me.

“Connor, what’s that boy’s name?” I asked him in a whisper.

“Taylor, adopted, 18, brothers with Harrison over there,” He pointed to a guy with sun bleached blonde hair, blue eyes and I knew straight away he was a laid back type of guy who like to surf or skate board but looking at the tan, he was a surfer.

“Hey,” Harrison nodded his head at me while speaking in his hot deep voice, finally I have a name to the face that I saw in a towel when I first came here, I thought.

 “Ahoyhoy,” I grinned then sat on the chair next to Connor and also next to the eldest boy I kissed on the cheek yesterday.

I turned towards him,” What’s your name sunshine?” I asked the kid.

He smiled,” James, 13, adopted.”

“Angel, 17, I guess I’m adopted too,” I smiled at him sweetly then groaned,” I want to ride my bike,” a tear slipped out of the corner of my eye.

I looked up to see Taylor sitting on the opposite side of the table in front of me, eating his pancakes without taking his beautiful eyes off of me. I turned back to James.

“Well, James,” I looked up thoughtfully,” James, Hmmm,” I turned back to him with a straight face,” I like the name James, James, Yes; it tastes like honey on my tongue. Sweet but not too sweet,” I smiled at him,” You know what else is sweet?” He shook his head and I leaned my face closer to his ear and said the one word that made me start singing,” Sugar.”

“Sugar, dodododododo, oh honey honey, do do do do do do, you be my candy boy!” I grinned as Connor started singing with me.

I reached over to a auburn haired boys plate and grabbed one of his chocolate pancakes and shove it into my mouth,” HEY!” he yelled out,” You stole my pancake!”

“Yes, Yes I did, want it back?” I opened my mouth and he shook his head laughing.

“ I’m Zack and he’s my twin, Jack,” He pointed at his twin sitting next to Taylor,” We’re adopted, and 16 years old and Angel, you are hot!” He grinned while reaching out and cupped one of my boobs in front of James who looked worried.

I just sat there, hoping I looked bored.

“Finished touching my boob?” I asked Zack.

He withdrew his hand and I laughed. I got up and bent down to whisper in his ear so he and only he could have heard.

“If you really needed to do that in front of our family to prove a point, whatever but I’m not comfortable with guys I barely even know, touching my boobs. If you’re so desperate, I will make out with you right now, like whatever,” I stood up and took in the shocked expression on his face, his hazel eyes, wide opened,” Understand me?” He nodded.

“I-I will take your offer though…” I rolled my eyes, grabbed his auburn hair with my hands and kissed his mouth.

 I felt Zack start standing up, slowly backing me up against the wall, with his hands grabbing my bottom. He was tall and very muscly making him very hot for his age. I slipped my tongue into his mouth and felt his tangle with mine. I pulled away fast, knowing in my mind, I’m not kissing Zack, but kissing Taylor. Zack backed away and I looked at the boys at the table and Tammy. I looked at a very sad Tyson then my eyes fell on Taylor. He stood up really fast, kicking his chair, making it hit the ground then ran into his room, slamming the door behind him, then music came pouring out of his room in loud thumps. I looked at Connor, who was smiling at me and then looked down at my feet.

“I’m going to my room,” I murmured, grabbed Connor’s hand then lead him into my room.

I closed the door behind me quietly then sat down on my bed, ripping off my shirt and pants in the process so I was only in my bra and panties. I buried my head in my pillow.

“Wow, Angel, making the 2 guys that have a crush on you jealous and cranky? That’s amazing! Your amazing. I wish I had a bod like you but instead I’m a gay guy wanting a boy to notice him,” I looked up and sat up.

“Connor, any guy would be lucky to have a guy like you. Most guys are faggots anyway like Zack; he decided to grab my boob while everyone was eating breakfast for crying out loud! I didn’t want to kiss him and when I did, all I could think and see in my mind was…”

“Taylor,” I looked up at him,” Am I right?” He asked me and I nodded.

He sat down beside me then wrapped his arm around my waist, being careful not to hurt me and I wrapped my arms around his waist, burying my face into his shoulder.

“I- I want to tell him I like him but god I just can’t… He’s to good for me. He’s so god damn hot. I love his hair and his eyes. I love how he looks at me like I’m the only one he see’s. I want to be his and be owned by him. I want him to feel the same way I feel about him. I want to live in his arms, just looking at his strong arms makes me want him, but I know it won’t happen. I’m a nobody now that I lost everything. I have no hopes and dreams anymore. They all just slipped through my finger,” I lifted my hands then clenched them into fists,” I wish I was pretty, pretty enough for Taylor to want me as much as I want him. I wish for my life to go back to the way it was, racing, and monster truck riding, not all these confusing feelings.”

“Oh Angel, what about Tyson? He’s my big brother and I don’t want him to get hurt. He loves you heaps!”

“I don’t know, I see him as a big brother type, not a boyfriend. Sure he’s like super sweet, caring, beautiful like everyone else in this freaking house but I just can’t…”

“I understand.”

I looked up from Connors shoulder to see his light brown eyes, chocolate brown from thinking, locking himself in his own little world. I nudged his chin with my nose and smiled as he looked down at me with a cute half smile on his face.

“I got an idea!” He yelled while standing up, looking down at me on the bed.

“Oh sh*t.”

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