I'm no Angel

The crash stuffed up my life. I was broken. Then I got adopt by a lovely lady that has many adoptive boys and has children of her own. But, this one boy I think I love with all my heart. He helped me when I was broken even though he has no clue he did. The boy with those god damn snake bites. Wow.


4. Confusion and Pain

The driver stopped at a large house. It looked more like a mansion. I sighed and got out of the car, feeling the stitches on my front stretch and pinch, making me wince. I felt a tear slip out of the corner of my eye and I didn’t wipe it away because I haven’t cried since I was very little. I leaned against the car with my eyes closed until the pain subsided then opened my eyes. The taxi driver had my stuff already at the front door, looking at me. I stood up and started walking to the front door, not caring how I looked in my ripped up, blood covered racing suit. I then noticed that I must have stayed in the hospital at least over night to have had been stitched up, maybe even carried into surgery. I sighed and started making my way to the front door. The taxi driver clicked the doorbell. I closed my eyes and muttered under my breath the lyrics to ‘Beautiful’ By Christina Aguilera.

“Every day is so wonderful

Then suddenly

It's hard to breathe

Now and then I get insecure

From all the pain

I'm so ashamed


I am beautiful

No matter what they say

Words can't bring me down

I am beautiful

In every single way

Yes words can't bring me down

Oh no

So don't you bring me down today.”

The door opened to reveal a very beautiful woman in her late twenties to her early thirties. I stared at her, memorizing her gorgeous brown wavy hair, her deep brown eyes, her full and pouty lips, her slim body and her short height. I sighed and deflated because I know I’m not as pretty as her and never will be.

“You must be Angel, I’m Hannah, your adoptive mother,” She smiled at me then stood in front of me, making me look down at her with my hand clutched on my wound,” You poor thing, your head, neck and waist, c’mon in, let’s get you fixed up,” She took my free hand then dragged me into the house… literally.

“BOYS! GET ANGELS BAGS FROM THE FRONT DOOR!” she yelled into the house.

I looked at her and thought to myself what the hell? Then she lead me up the stairs as I heard people… lots of people running around upstairs then I saw 2 boys that looked very young, one at least 12 and the other 9 zooming past me and Hannah. They both looked like brothers with their short blonde curls and there cheeky grins plastered on their cute faces then I heard someone yell in a deep voice.

“Liam and James, I will kill you both!”  I heard someone stomping around upstairs then I saw a boy older than me with his wet blonde hair, bronzed skin and a towel around his narrow hips showing off his muscly body.

He gasped when he saw me then ran down stairs grumbling to himself about younger brothers and stealing his underwear. I laughed then gasped when I felt my wounds pound with pain. I closed my eyes then ripped off the bandage on my head to reveal just a scab on my head. I touched it gingerly then opened my eyes to see Hannah looking at me.

“Are you ok? Do you need to lie down hon?” She asked me with concern leaking into her voice.

I nodded, with that simple movement my head started to pound. I groaned then looked up. I heard ‘this is a story of a girl’ by three doors down (an awesome band by the way) being played in one of the rooms very loudly. I heard down stairs a boy squealing with glee, an older boy laughing his head off and the eldest boy talking to the boys about stealing his underwear. I smiled and kept walking upstairs with Hannah by my side.

“I’m sorry for the boys being rude; this is life in this house. We have 9 boys living under this house, 1 boy in college with his fiancée and a baby girl at the age of 1. Me and my husband have 5 children, 3 boys and one girl and all the others are adopted. You will get to meet them later. Let’s see your room. I HOPE ONE OF YOU BOYS HAS GOT ANGELS STUFF FROM THE FRONT DOOR!” She yelled into the house again.

I looked behind me to see the 2 little boys with blonde hair making their way up slowly with my large suitcases in there small hands, straining to get my stuff up the stairs. I smiled and turned around and made my way to the boys. I kissed both of their dimpled cheeks and grabbed my stuff from their hands. I stood up to see the boy in a towel smiling at me from the bottom of the stairs. He had my backpack in his hand and the other with my bike helmet in it. My face fell when I saw my helmet. I dropped my stuff and walked towards the boys, gently taking the helmet into my hands. I felt tears burn in my eyes. I touched the scratched paint from my fall, remembering my last time driving my truck. I kissed the helmet then walked outside the front door again, leaving the boys and Hannah to stare after me. I clutched the helmet to my chest and stared at the stars. The stars were twinkling down at me. I looked down at my helmet then growled and threw it onto the cement, hearing it hit the cement with a loud thump. I kept on picking it up and throwing it. I growled then threw the helmet again; knowing Boss Man bought it for me made me want to break it. I threw it again then fell onto my knees, clutching my wound, sobbing.

“Why, why did you leave me? What happened to me being your girl? Your shining star? Did it all fall to s***? I didn’t mean to crash my truck and end up in hospital. I didn’t mean to,” I whispered while drawing my knees to my chest, ignoring the pain from my front and sobbed.

I felt an arm wrap around my back and another wrap underneath my knees, lifting me up off of the cold cement. I clutched the boys shirt, not caring who it was, just making sure I don’t fall while I sob. I opened my eyes when I quickly stopped crying and looked into a boy’s endless light blue eyes. I memorized his bronzed skin, his full, lush, pink lips with snake bite piercings, his high cheek bones, his black scene hair with a blue raccoon tail running through the fringe and his strong jaw line. I watched him watch me then slowly put me down onto the ground on my two feet. I slowly backed away from him and looked around to see 8 boys standing around all staring at me including the boy that carried me in. I felt like I was in a cage, being watched by others like I was a new specimen of an animal. I swallowed and looked around to find Hannah smiling. I closed my eyes and touched my sore wrists with bandages on them. I opened my eyes to hearing a childish laugh. I looked around to see 2 very young children running towards me with big grins on their faces showing dimples.

“Angel!” They both squealed at the same time,” Mommy told us you were coming.”

I smiled and sat down to see them at their level,” Really? What has she said?” I asked with a smile on my face.

“That you got hurt weally badly and couldn’t go home with your fake daddy and your weal mummy and daddy couldn’t have you so you are staying wif us,” The girl piped in and I laughed.

“What else?” I asked, drawing the children towards me with my arms wrapped around there little bodies, they both sat on my lap and played with my hair that had blood in it as well as knots.

“That you are vewy bootiful and that we have to love you no matter what,” The boy told me while poking my cheek, I giggled,” Does your head, neck and arms hurt? We can kiss them better? Mummy kisses our booboo’s better.”

I smiled and nodded,” They hurt so much and need kissing better.”

The 2 twins with brown hair and brown eyes grinned then started kissing my sores. The girl kissed my head and arm while the boy kissed my jaw and other arm. I smiled sweetly at them both then kissed their noses making them giggle.

“What are your names?” I asked them.

“Sammy,” The boy informed me.

“Tammy,” The girl told me with a huge grin on her face.

I smiled,” Well, Tammy and Sammy, will you show me to my room please because I don’t like people staring at me without speaking to me,” I told them, speaking loud enough for the others to hear.

The children stood up then started jumping up and down. I slowly stood up on my 2 feet, cringing with the effort then the children took off up the stairs. I grinned then ran up the stairs after them. I grabbed the closest child, which was Tammy and swung her into the air, making her squeal with delight and giggle uncontrollably as I sat her down on her 2 feet. I ran up another flight of stairs after Sammy with Tammy next to me then Sammy stopped to reveal a door.

“Is this my room?” I asked him and he nodded, trying to act like a big boy that only made me laugh.

“Open the door, open the door,” They both started bouncing up and down.

“Ok,” I reached out a hand to the door knob then turned to reveal a large room with a built in closet, bathroom and a window seat next to a large rectangle window.

I gasped at how beautiful the room was. It was in the attic but it was still so gorgeous. I walked into the room and spun around, taking in every detail. I looked at the queen sized bed then collapsed onto it making the place below my ribs and above my belly button sting with pain. Tammy and Sammy both tried getting onto the bed but failing because of there heights then I lifted them both up, not caring about my weak state. I took of my shoes and curled up onto the bed. I yawned which made the children yawn.

“Are you guys sleepy?” I asked them, half asleep.

They both nodded then feel asleep. Not long after them, I slept a dreamless sleep as well.

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