I'm no Angel

The crash stuffed up my life. I was broken. Then I got adopt by a lovely lady that has many adoptive boys and has children of her own. But, this one boy I think I love with all my heart. He helped me when I was broken even though he has no clue he did. The boy with those god damn snake bites. Wow.


1. Boss man

“Yo, Boss man, I gotta’ go to my crew and check out my baby’s and you need to sign me up for the races,” I looked at my boss with my arms crossed over my chest. He waved his hand dismissively from his desk,” All done, go do your s**t and make sure you race ‘cause if you don’t there will be hell to pay,” My boss raised his head from his notes and looked at me. He had tattoos covering his arms, legs, and even his face. He had long grey hair and wicked one blue eye and one brown. Boss man is awesome, super funny and either always drinking something or smoking everything and anything. Right now he’s drinking Russian vodka from the bottle. I cringed slightly. That stuff burns all the way down till it hits your stomach when you drink it. “I’m on it boss man, chill and go smoke something and relax,” I grinned and bent down to grab my black helmet. When I stood up, I flicked my waist length, layered blonde hair out of my big blue eyes. I tucked the helmet under my arm and grabbed one of Boss man’s smokes, slipping it between my full lips and lighting it with Boss mans naked girl lighter. I breathed in and let the smoke linger in my lungs then let it out. I took another drag then stomped it out with my leather high heel spiked boot then looked at Boss man with a small smile on my lips. Everyone believes I look like an angel with my large blue eyes that makes me look oh so innocent and my light blonde hair and curvy body but, I smirked then turned and left the room, I’m no angel.
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