This could be love ( Zayn Malik)

Emily was just another teenager with normal teenage problems. Until one day she had to leave her home town in New York because of her mom's job. She left everything. Her school, her job, and her best friend Gabbie. She never did ask where they were moving. So when she got on a plane to England she didn't know what to think. What happens when Emily falls in love with a international star. Read and find out.


2. New home

     Emily's P.O.V


The plane ride wasn't that bad. i fell asleep half way into it. When we landed, we got into a rental car and drove off to our new house. When we got there i couln't believe what i was seeing. The house was SO big. We went inside and my mom showed me to my room. It was love and first sight. When we got there it was also 10:30 at night so I went to bed first thing.


Next day


I got up and hoped into the shower. When I was done, I picked out something to wear. I got out my dark blue skinny jeans and a light pink flowey shirt. I put on some light make-up and did my hair into some light curls, i sliped on my dark blue TOMS and i was ready for the day. My mom texted me this morning and told me her and my dad were out looking at cars, and that my brother went with them. She also sent me a list of thing's that i needed to pick up from the store. I got my house key and headed for the store. Don't worry i know my way around England. Me and my family come here every year. As I'm walking I hear some loud screaming. This was just no random screaming it was teenage girl screaming. Oh god what now. As I get closer I see that I was right. There was what looked like to be 500 teenage girls around one car. I quickly make my was by them and into the store. I really wonder what that wa- OWW.



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