This could be love ( Zayn Malik)

Emily was just another teenager with normal teenage problems. Until one day she had to leave her home town in New York because of her mom's job. She left everything. Her school, her job, and her best friend Gabbie. She never did ask where they were moving. So when she got on a plane to England she didn't know what to think. What happens when Emily falls in love with a international star. Read and find out.


1. leaving

     Emily's P.O.V


"Emily could you come here please" i heard my mom yell from down her room. "Yeah" I quickly got up from my bed and ran down the hall to my parents bed room. When I got there my little brother, Ethan, was sittong on the bed with my parents in frount of him. "What do you need?" i asked. "Emily me and your mom have something to tell you and your brother." my dad said. i just took a seat on the bed. "Well the other day at work I was told me and my family had to move to our new office." my mom said. "So this mean's were moving" my brother asked. "Yes, we are leaving right after you kids get home from school." my dad explained. "So go pack your things" I quickly got off the bed and headed for my room. I wasn't mad that we were moving, but i wasn't happy either.


The next day

Today was the day. I was leaving my school, my job at McDonalds (which I was happy about), and my friends. That was the thing I dreaded most. As i made my was into school with my long blond hair flowing in the wind. I spoted my friends by their lockers. You see I'm not the most well known person at my school so I'm happy with the two friends I have. First there's Olivia, she has dirty blond hair the comes down a little but longer then her sholders. She has blue eyes and she's about 5'4. Then there's my best friend Gabbie. i mean Olivia is also my best friend, bt me and Gabbie have been through EVERYTHING together. Anyway she has red hair, brown eyes, braces, and is about 5'2. I wasn't staying all day today so i had to tell them ASAP. As i made my way over to them I was getting scared. I didn' want to face the world alone. "Hey chick" Olivia spoke. Hey guy's I need to tell you something. Like now". I'm sure they could tell something was wrong. "Okay go". Gabbie said. "Guys ...I'm moving" they didn't say anything but i saw tears in their eyes. Before i knew it i was crying as well. We were all together in a hug in the middle of the hallway. "just remember to text me everyday" Olivia said still crying. "how could i forget" "Don't forget about us okay." Gabbie said. "could never, and would never.


Before I knew it i was on the was to the airport. "Oh mom i forgot to ask. Where are we moving to?" "England" she said. Well didn't see that coming.


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