This could be love ( Zayn Malik)

Emily was just another teenager with normal teenage problems. Until one day she had to leave her home town in New York because of her mom's job. She left everything. Her school, her job, and her best friend Gabbie. She never did ask where they were moving. So when she got on a plane to England she didn't know what to think. What happens when Emily falls in love with a international star. Read and find out.


4. Hello again

     Emily's P.O.V


As soon as I got home I ran ri ht up to my room. I still can't believe I got Zayn's phone number. It wasn't really true that I didn't know who they were. I mean i didn't know every little thing about them. But I knew there names and one of their song's. Almost every girl at my old school had their posters up in their locker, so it was kind of hard not to know who they were. I came out of my thought's when I heard my phone go off.

Phone call


Hey Em, it's Zayn

Oh hey Zayn

What's up

Well nothing really. You??

Nothing, I was you want to come over to my place and hang out?

Umm yeah that sounds great.

Awesome I'll text you the address.

Okay see you later.


End of phone call


After we hung up he sent me the address. It was only around the block. I ran down the hall and down the stairs to the door. I told my parent's I was going to Haley's house. She was an old friend of mine who lived down here. As I made my way over to the house I was getting even more scared. What if i make a fool of myself, what if he doesn't really like me. Thing's like this was running through my head. But it all stoped when I knocked on the door. "Why hello miss Emily" "Hey Mr. Malik." i replied. "Come on in" he said with a laugh. As i made my way into the house I could tell a pop star lived here. There were pictures of the boys and some of the biggist names in music. There was a huge flat screen tv. Plus the house itself was huge. "So wanna play 20 questions" "Sure" I said with a smile "You first"


"Favorite movie"


"Now you see me, favorite color"


"Purple, favorite food"


"Pizza, when was your first kiss"


"haven't had one yet, favorite member of one direction"


"Well me haha, your favorite member of one direction"


", who's your crush"


"well it wouldn't really be a crush if she knew about it"


"Yeah I guess you-- wait does that mean you have a crush on me"


"Well yes it does"


"Well I have a crush on you to Zayn"

After confessing we played for another two hours. He knew almost everything about me and I knew almost everything about him. I told him thing's no one know's. When we were done it was 9. "Well I guess I should go" we both got up and walked to the door. "I'll call you tomorrow" "Okay" I said as I'm about to walk out the door he grabed me and turned me around. I felt warm lips on mine. I kissed back right away. "That was the best first kiss ever." "Mine too" "wait you never had your first kiss" I asked "Nope I was waiting on the right girl, and I think I found her" this made me blush like crazy. "See you tomorrow Em" "See ya Zayn" i said. Wow i kissed Zayn Malik








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