This could be love ( Zayn Malik)

Emily was just another teenager with normal teenage problems. Until one day she had to leave her home town in New York because of her mom's job. She left everything. Her school, her job, and her best friend Gabbie. She never did ask where they were moving. So when she got on a plane to England she didn't know what to think. What happens when Emily falls in love with a international star. Read and find out.


3. Best day ever!

     Emlily's P.O.V


OWW. Someone just ran into me. Gosh people these day's. As I open my eyes i see 5 boy's looking back at me. "God Niall you didn't have to kill the girl" the one with the curly hair spoke "sorry.." the blond one spoke. Whick i guess what Niall. The one with the curly hair reached his hand put to help me up. Which i exceped. "I'm sorry about that" the one with the shaved head said. "It's fine, and may i ask, who are you?" the boy's looked shocked that I didnt know who they were. "You really don't know who we are" the one with curly hair said. "Nope sorry". "Well then, I'm Liam" "I'm Harry" "I'm Niall" I"m Louis" "And I'm Zayn" "AND WERE ONE DIRECTION" they all said the last part together. I must say they are all really cute. But Zayn really stands out. "And who might you be love?" Louis said "I'm Emily. Emily Young." We talked a little bit before their bodyguard came and told them that all the fans were gone. That explains it. "Well I'll see you guys around" And that was that. Until Zayn came rushing back into the store. "Hey Em, can i have your numbe?" "Sure" I said. We exchanged phones so we could put our numbers in. "I'll call you" he said with a smile. Then left.


Zayn's P.O.V


When I saw her walk in, I knew i wanted her to be mine. She had amazing blue eyes, perfect blond hair, amazing body, and she was just...perfect. When I saw Niall bump into her I was the First one over there. I couldn't say anything. She took my breath away and I didn't even know her. When we got to talking I still didn't have anything to say. As we said our goodbye's I didn't want to just let her slip away. "umm i left my phone in there. I'll be right back." i quickly ran back into the store and she was in line. "Hey Em, can I have your number?" "Sure" she said. WE exchanged phones so we could put our numbers in. "I'll call you" i said with a smile. Then left. I was so happy! This girl was different. She didn't know the Zayn Malik from One Direction. She knew me as Zayn Malik, the person. That's what i liked.

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