Amber Jones. A 19 year old girl who self harms and dreams about meeting her favorite youtubers. Her dream husband is Dan Howell. But she has a "problem" along her trail. Her dad is making her move in with her step brother and his best friend. She`s never met her stepbrother or seen him. Dan Howell. One of the most famous Brititsh youtubers on youtube. His female danosaurs throwing themselves at him. Living the Life of a famous person. His mum has finally found a man she loves, he has met his mum`s boyfriend but not his daughter. He`s excited to meet to his new soon to be step sister. He`s never met,seen or heard anything about her. What will happen when she finds out that Danisnotonfire is her step brother. Sparks will fly. Hearts will become crushed. Will they sneak a relationship or have to love each other in a brotherly and sisterly way .. when they know they feel more then just sibling love.


1. There before me was my Idol but he`s now my soon to be step brother.

The step Brother
"Hello Internet!" My head phones lead out into my ears. I smiled a wide smile. Danisnotonfire is my insipration. He is the most adorable, cheeky boy ever! I wish I knew him, we`d probably be the best of friends. But he wouldn`t want to be around me if he found out my dirty little secret. Cutting. "Amber, I can`t wait for you to meet your new step brother and his best friend! Your gonna love them." My dad ; Johnathan; snickered. "Im gonna hate them" I snarled as I straightned my llama hat and fixed my danisnotonfire clothing. I had my light brown hair straightened with my llama hat on. I was sporting a black shirt that stated 'I`m a danosaur! RAWR'.I had gotten special made danisnotonfire leggings that were black and had 'danisnotonfire' written in white with different fonts. My wrists were covered in 'danisnotonfire' bracelets. My sun glasses had 'danisnotonfire' written on the sides which covered my green eyes. On my feet, I was sporting Vans that had Dan Howell`s face on them. My iPhone case was danisnotonfire aswell. Lastly on my bookbag it had a bunch of Youtubers like  Zoella Sugg,Marcus Butler, Caspar Lee, Alfie Deyes, Phil Lester, Dan Howell, Jack Harries, Finn Harries, Louis Cole, Joe Sugg, Chris,PJ, Joey Graceffa, and others. It was beautiful. Bassically I owned everything related to Youtube. I continued watching Dan`s videos until I felt the car come to a stop. A car door slammed closed and I sighed. I opened my door grabbing my bookbag. I placed on my sun glasses and stopped in my tracks. I studied the beautiful house. IT WAS HUGE! My dad was making me live with my new step brother and his bestfriend. Im 19 and im living with a 21 year old and his best friend that is older than him?! Yes I`m 19 and I`m turning 20 in 2 weeks. I walked up the stairs and opened the door. "Hello?" I called out. "Hello Amber! I`m your step brother!" I heard a cute british voice call out from behind me. I turned around to let a huge scream out my mouth. 
    A Loud scream esacped my mouth. My right hand slapped over my mouth while I stood there in hyperventelating in shock. There before me was my idol. DANIEL JAMES HOWELL. "Your a danosaur?" He said pointing a finger at my clothing while a smirk was on his face. "Y-Yes!" I stuttered as I ran into his arms. His scent filled my nose. He was so welcoming. His arms protectively held me. I had a couple things circling in my head.
One, I can`t believe Dan howell is my step brother.
Two, im obviously gonna meet Amazing Phil because Dan lives with him and thats his best friend.
Three, How am I live with my biggest crush and call him my STEP BROTHER?!
      My dad walked in with his arms crossed. I was still in Dan`s arms. But now in a different postion. My legs were wrapped around his torso and I was pecking Dan`s face with my lips. I know. Im awkward. But so what... he`s my hot step brother. Thank Jesus, I stop pecking him before my dad came in. Dan giggled as he held me. I looked at my dad before smiling at him. "I thought you said you were gonna hate him."My dad said with a smirk. "WELL I WOULDN`T HAVE SAID THAT IF I KNEW MY STEP BROTHER WAS DAN FREAKING HOWELL!" I screamed playfully as I laughed loudly.My laugh was so loud. Its hilarious. My dad had chuckled, looking at me being the weirdo I am. "Well I have to go! Do freak out on your brother and Phil to much!" My dad said walking over to me and Dan. "Bye Daddy" I said kissing my father`s cheek. "Bye Jonathan" Dan said hugging my dad. My dad smiled before he walked out the door. "Come on Amber lets go see Philly Boy! Are you a Phillion?" Dan asked me smiling like a child on christmas day. "Of course I am! And don`t be alarmed if I call you cute or anything." That last part slipped. Oops. "Oh cool! And okay I wont and also dont be alarmed if I call you hot or cute." Dan winked at me. Oh. My. Gosh. I bit me lip to keep me from saying anything else. He`s just to cute. I looked at his beautiful eyes and looked down at his lips. He smiled and leaned in. His eyes closed and he stopped right in front of my face. My eyes were closed and I started thinking. 'Amber your so ugly' 'Your just a ugly whore' 'Remember what Jake did? Well Dan can do it to you too' 'Your scars on your wrist are ugly that just adds on to your ugly body.' 'You little slut this is your soon to be step brother and you already wanna date him... Hoe.' 'Dan thinks your ugly. Just look at him and then you.. Your a ugly slut. Your just a ordinary whore.' I started violently shaking as tears sprung to my eyes. "I- I- I- Need to go" I said squirming out of his grip. I ran into a room that had my name on the door. Everything was set up. Youtubers every where. My walls had youtubers painted all over them. I sat on my bed as tears leaked down my faces. Sobs left my mouth every minute. ''Im ugly" 'I know you are'  " I wanna kill myself" 'Do it! Nobody would care, your a waste of space, a disgrace to the universe.' "But Dan.." ' He doesn`t even care about you! He just met you. Your just his hoe for now. KILL YOURSELF. Nobody will care. Look even your telling yourself you should die'. 
    "I CAN`T! I - I- CA-N`T. I WANNA DIE. I CAN`T LIVE." I screeched loudly. I lifted up my sleeves and looked at my scars on my wrists. 'ugly' "Beautiful" I heard a voice say. I snapped my head around to see Dan standing in the door way. He came and sat on my bed. "I`m ug-" His lips connected to mine. Sparks shot through my veins. His lips tasted of strawberries and sweet candies. I pulled away smiling weakly. "You know your father doesn`t have to know about us. This can be our secret." Dan said before smiling weakly. I nodded in response before being wrapped in his warm arms. My weak eyes shut as I slowly fell into a deep sleep.

I woke and looked at the clock. 4:30?! Wow! Last time I looked at the clock it was 11:45! I looked on the little night stand that was next to my bed. There was a piece of paper with writing on it. It read:
Hello Gorgeous!
Go get dressed because I have a huge surprise for you babe!
I hope you love it! So come down stairs and I`ll see you down there! 
You can get dressed and stuff but I'd perfer you the way you are,
Because your beautiful 
Just the way you are, :)
I love you Amber!
                                   Your Lover/ Step brother,
                                     Daniel Howell <3
My heart fluttered with every word. The last sentence made me giggle silently. I wanted to change into something nice for this surprisey thingy. I opened the closet door, only hoping my clothes were there. I sighed in relief that all of my clothes were there. After 5 minutes of looking, I decided on a black see through high- low skirt and a white bandue. I know, I know.. VERY REVEALING yet.. cute. I put on the skirt and shirt. "Hmm white sandals or black? Hmm... Im gonna go with white." I whispered to myself. I slipped on the beautiful shoes and ran into my bathroom that i had discovered as I walked around my room.  I looked at myself in the mirror. 'Put make up on. ew.' I sighed before opening the cabinet. I pulled out a new make up kit. "Holy crap." I breathed out in one word. I opened it examinening it with two eyes. I came across a note on the mirror of the kit. 
Hey Beautiful,
Thought you`d like it,
Your dad said you loved make up.
Phil chose it,
1,000`s of different make up stuff,
Yeah it came in a kit thing so you now have new curling irons,
hair products, hair essisments, make up, tioletries, and stuff...
Yeah we bought you pads! Tampons and stuff! We gots the wings
meduim, small, and 'Panty liners'!
Haha love you!
                                                   Daniel Howell<3
I blushed a bright red. How did he..? Oh yeah every girl has their period by 19.. ew. I whipped out red lipstick and applied some maybeline black eyeliner and mascara. I then put on some light pink blush. Lastly, I put on a natural smokey eye. I turned off the light and looked around in my closet for something special. My black hat my Grandmother Miriam gave to me before she had her peaceful passing. I found it on top a box. I placed it on my head and ran down stairs. Oh my god..
My eyes nearly popped out my head. There infront of me was all of my favorite youtubers. "SURPRISE!" They all yelled. It was : PJ, Chris, Zoella, Louise,Dan,Phil,Jack,Finn,Marcus,Alfie,Mazzi Maz,Caspar,Sam, ,Joey,Tyler, and  Louis! "Oh my gosh! Hi! My name is AMBER AND I LOVE YOU ALL!" I Yelled throwing my arms up like a weird child. I walked over to the living room to recieve a bunch of hugs. "Zoe! I Love you!!" I said as I hugged her tightly. "Awe thank you love!" She said smiling. After hugging everyone and getting a some mountain dew I sat down on the couch next to Zoella,Alfie, Louise and Finn. "Awe you too are the cutest! Get married!" I said smiling like a complete and utter dork. Alfie laughed while Zoella blushed a bright pink. "I know they are right! They need to get married!" Louise agreed. "I hope you guys know were right here!" Alfie said laughing a adorable laugh. Finn chuckled lightly. "So Amber tell us about yourself" Finn said smiling that cheeky smile. "Okay well I don`t know where to start... Okay..." I trailed off." My name is Amber Marie Jones, my birthday is July 14 and I am 19 going on to 20 years old! I have a huge crush on most of the guys here and Im freaking out. My parents divorced when I four and my dad hasn`t found the love of his life until a year ago when he met Dan`s mum... Yes Dan is going to be my step brother and Ive already kissed him and I love him like Ive never loved any body... I feel guilty but I dont. Um.. awkward but yeah.. my I obviously have light brown hair, green eyes, I`m very tall only like 5 inches smaller then Dan and he`s very tall. Um.. my favorite color is Purple and blue. My favorite food is cereal , Chocolate pebbles to be exact. I love cereal. Cereal is life. My favorite youtubers are PJ, Chris, Zoella, Louise,Dan,Phil,Jack,Finn,Marcus,Alfie,Mazzi Maz,Caspar,Sam, Tyler, Joey and Louis! I cut which is sad for me. Im not dating anyone. I love shopping and fighting. Singing is my passion and I write my own songs. I have a youtube channel and my name is..................... FinnsWarrior............. don`t judge." I said laughing at the end. Finn smiled at me before hugging me tightly. "Awe thats cute!" He said smiling even wider at me. "Thanks" I said smiling back. I saw Dan in the corner of my eye. He was squeezing a cup of juice until it popped and landed on the ground. He ran up stairs and then all eyes turned to me. "I`ll be back" I said not even loud enough to be considered a whisper. I ran up stairs to find him in my room. He was intently staring at something on my night stand. Oh no. Please. No. This can`t be happening.
    Two things were on my night stand. One, my dairy that has "DAN HOWELL IS MY HUSBAND!" "DAN HOWELL IS SEXY BACK OFF GIRLS" "Dan Howell + Amber Jones = SEXIEST CHILDREN EVER." "DAMNNNN DANIEL." "Me and Daniel James Howell will fall in love, date, get married, have children, watch them grow older and watch them have grand children, watch each otehr grow old and die together in a deep sleep. Omg im crying." All over it. But the last thing was even worse. My razors were on my night stand. In a completely straight line. From biggest to smallest. Tears fell down Dan`s face. I was watching him from down the hall. I walked into the room fighting back tears. 'He knows your weak why try not to be?' my head spoke. I ignored it. He quickly wiped away the falling tears. "I`m sorry Dan I just said something and he said it was cute... thats all... and about my razors... Daniel im so sorry I cut.I promise I`ll try to stop. You motivate me. I promise I haven`t in a while... And my Dairy I bet you read the cover.." I blushed a bright red. "Yeah I have wild dreams." "It doesn`t mean they can`t happen..." He said cheekily smiling a side smile. "Oh Dan." I smiled before placing my lips on his. His tongue traced my lip asking for entrance. Our tongues battled against each otherfor 2 minutes. The kiss became pretty heated quickly. I pulled away breathless. "Oh my jesus." I said in one word. "What I do best!" He said before letting a chuckle escape his lips. "Ready to go back down stairs?" I said grabbing his hand. He nodded standing up. "Come on get on!" He said bending down. "Wait what?" I asked making a weird face. "Piggy back ride!" He said moitioning for me to jump on. "OKAY!" I screamed loudly as I hopped on his back. He ran down stairs zooming around like the road runner cartoon. I laughed as I bounced up and down. "Okay! Okay! Let me down!'' 'Yeah you should get down your heavy.' "But I-" 'YEAH SAY IT IM HEAVY'  "Dan I`m heavy" I said  getting off his back. He just shook his head before walking away. I walked over to were Finn,Alfie,Louise and Zoella were sitting. "Hey guys, sorry I had to take care of somet- "BEEP!" "Sor- "BEEP!" "Sorr- BEEP!" "Sor- BEEP!" "S- BEEP!" "So-BEEP! "So- BEEP!""So- BEEP!" "So- BEEP!"  "So-BEEP!" "So-BEEP!" "So-BEEP!" "So-Beep!" "Sor-Beep!""So-BEEP!" "Damn! Im sorry I was going to say... sorry I had to take care of something.." I said looking at them. They were all smiling cheekily. I looked at my notifications and it said : 
Youtube- JacksGap has suscribed to you.
Youtube- SprinkleOfGlittr has suscribed to you.
Youtube- PointlessBlogTV has suscribed to you.
Youtube- Zoella Sugg has suscribed to you.
Youtube- dicasp has suscribed to you.
Youtube- danisnotonfire has suscribed to you.
Youtube- AmazingPhil has suscribed to you.
Youtube- Tyler Oakley has suscribed to you.
Youtube- FunForLouis has suscribed to you.
Youtube- MarcusButlerTV has suscribed to you.
Youtube- TheMazziMaz has suscribed  to you.
Youtube- Crabstickz has suscribed to you.
Youtube- PJ L. Has suscribed to you.
Youtube- Sam has suscribed to you.
Youtube- ThatcherJoe has suscribed to you.
"Damn!" I said looking at my iPhone screen. Every youtuber here suscribed  to me and Im fan girling inside like they just asked to marry me. "Thanks!" I yelled and got a bunch of "Your welcome love`s" in response. I laughed before throwing my head back.
Hours Later
Everybody has left expect for Zoella and Alfie. We were having a sleep over. Louise had to go home and watch Darcy her little cute daughter. "Here Zoe!" I said throwing her some Alfie deyes fan pajamas. A Alfie Fan shirt and a pants that had his face all over them. She blushed getting the joke. "Really, Amber?" She laughed loudly. "Yes! They are perfection on you but dont be alarmed when you see my room." I said getting nervous. I hope she doesnt think Im the creep phyco fan girl. "I wont trust me I bet your room is normal! Like Stripes and stuff!" She said waving her hands in front of her face. I opened my door letting her take in the soroundings. "Oh my gosh" She laughed loudly. "This is AWESOME!" She yelled jumping on my bed that had Zoella and Alfie. "Best bed ever!" She said smiling a huge smile. "I KNOW RIGHT BUT OH MY GOSH YOU SAID IT! ZALFIE IS REAL!" I screamed loudly throwing my hands around like a scientist that had just found out how to make 900 headed animals. Oh tonight is gonna be wild.

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