Party and bullshit

The rain falling reminds me of you, because it's falling hard and I am too♡


10. Chapter ten♡

Harry's POV: 

We walked in and I could see her looking around the house. I was watching her going in and out of the rooms, she reminded me of a child lost in a maze but then she popped out of the rooms again. "Have you quite finished?" I asked her laughing, she was laughing too until she turned around and she looked horrified. I turned around to look at myself in the mirror, woah I looked a mess. "have you got anything to clean it with?" she asked me "yeah there is a first aid kit upstairs" I answered. She started to walk up the stairs and I followed. We got onto the landing and she started doing the maze thing again until she found mine, and I went in too.I walked over to the bed and led down, I could hear her fumbling around in my bathroom but then she came out with wipes in her hand. "sit up"she said I did as she wanted and swung my legs off my bed. "move your legs to the side" she said once again I did as she said but with my own little twist. Instead of moving both legs to one side I put one on each side of her. She didn't look impressed, she looked tired, I don't think she could be bothered arguing. She tilted my head up and started to wipe my face. I couldn't feel anything at first but then the wipe made contact with the cut above my eyebrow. I winced in pain and she just ignored it and pulled my head back. I'd forgotten what she was doing till she walked away. She had been wiping my face for nearly ten minutes and the whole time I was studying her face. She truly was perfect. She walked back out of my bedroom door "where are you going?" I called after her "home" she snapped back, woah she was in a bad mood. I ran after her until she was at the bottom of my stairs, "you can't be serious?" I asked her "why?" she said. "well how are you getting home?" I asked once again "walking" she said and turned and walked to the door. I went after her and grabbed her wrist, as soon as my hand touched hers she yanked it away and turned around again "its not safe for you to walk home, do you even know where you are?" I asked. She didn't reply so I'm guessing she didn't "look stay tonight, you can stay in my spare room if you want and I'll drop you off in the morning" I asked her. "no" she said and paused "I'm walking" "no you aren't"I said and she just gave up. "what do you want to do?" I asked her? she answered almost silently, but I still managed to hear "anything without you" I stepped towards her after she had said it and she cowered away just like before. I immediately stepped back again, "do I frighten you?" I asked her, dreading the reply, she didn't answer once again and I knew that meant yes. "come on, we can go and watch a film" I said leading her into the living room, I asked her what she wanted to watch but she just ignored me, so I chose for both of us. Scream 3! 


Tori's POV: 

while Harry was out of the room I went to get my bag from upstairs. I came back down again and rang Danielle, I told her what had happened but to be honest I think she was too drunk to even take in what I was saying. I took my sweets and stuff into the living room and sat on the sofa. Harry walked out but quickly came back again, with a duvet, he came and sat next to me and put it over us both and the film started. Everytime a scary part comes on I would pretend to be looking for a certain type of sweet or something but I think Harry knew I was scared. But he also knew what a bad mood I was in and didnt dare touch me. After the film had finished harry showed me to the room that I presumed was the spare room. "You can sleep in the clothes that are in the draws" he said and left. I think my bad mood had rubbed off on Harry too. The room was boiling so I just put on a t-shirt that went just above mid thigh, I got into bed and fell asleep straight away. I woke up suddenly to the lights being turned on "woah what do we have here then" Louis said to me "get out" I said to him "babe, this is my room" was all he said back I stood up and said sorry "usually I have to bring girls back to my bed I'm not used to finding them waiting" I just laughed at him. As I was walking out of the room I heard him say "Liam was right, she does have a nice arse". I chose to ignore him. I walked across the hall to the room I knew was Harry's. Ge looked so cute when he was asleep, but that wouldn't last long. I pulled the covers off him and he shot up "what are you doing?!" He asked me, wow his morning voice was hot. "Louis came back, scared the shit out of me and he's inhis room" harry laughed, I continued "where am I meant to sleep?". He pulled the covers up signalling for me to get in, "out you get then harry" I said and his reply was his confused look. " well we are NOT sleeping in the same bed and I presumed seeming you are keeping me here when I want to be at home you would at least give me your bed" "hahahaa just get in looser" he said to me jokingly. I just glared at him but before I knew it he grabbed my legs and threw me on the bed next to him. "Goodnight love" he said. "Night" was my only reply. About ten minutes passed as we were lead in silence when I felt him put his arm over me, pushing my back against his chest. He must of thought I was asleep but I decided to leave him. Not because I liked hi doing this BECAUSE I DIDN'T. At least I hope I didn't...

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