Party and bullshit

The rain falling reminds me of you, because it's falling hard and I am too♡


6. Chapter six♡

Tori's POV:

woke up to the sound of my alarm, the ever faithful 'DNA' by little mix. Ergh i could not be bothered at all with work today. Usually I don't mind because I spend all day with Danielle and Maya but today I was hangover central and so were the girls. I went down for breakfast to see Danielle had made us both some toast and coffee "any idea what Maya's doing today?" she asked me. Truth was I dont even remember where Maya went last night but I wouldn't want to worry Danielle, "no sorry, I'll ring her now though". It was Monday, we needed her in work, Monday's and Fridays were always the busiest days in the cafe. 


Maya's POV: 

I woke up to my phone ringing, it was Tori. "Hello" I said, "hey its me, haha obviously, you're coming into work today aren't you?" she asked. "yeah of course I am"  I answered "what time do you want me in?". I heard her asking Danielle on the other end then she came back, "Danielle said she wants you to come in at nine, that will give you time to come back here and get a shower" she said. "Alright I will come home now, I don't even know who this man is next to me" I told her. I could hear Danielle tut at me in the background, I knew I would receive a lecture when I got back home but whatever. "haha Maya how drunk were you last night. I think his name was Sam" Tori said. "haha ok I've got to go I'll get the bus back so I'll probably be back in around half an hour, but yous will have gone, c'ya later" "bye" I heard them both shout before I hung the phone up. Right, how to wake this man up,or do I even bother?! I might just write a note and let myself out, yeah that's a much better idea;

'To Sam, I have to go to work sorry, I didn't want to wake you because right now as I'm writing this it's 7:15. Anyway I'll let myself out with your house key and then post it back through the letter box, thanks for a great night last night and giving me somewhere to stay haha, Maya X'

I would usually leave my number too, but once again because of my drunken state last night, I was he wasn't all that good looking and actually was pretty ugly. I didn't even bother looking at myself in the mirror, I knew I wouldn't like what was staring back at me after last nights antics. I let myself off walked to the bus stop and got on the bus. 


Danielle's POV:

Me and Tori went and unlocked the cafe. Monday mornings always were quite busy, all the bushiness men and women wanting to catch a drink and sometimes breakfast before work. I quite like my job. Before me, Maya and Tori moved to London we decided we needed work, the three of us bought a little shop type building and turned it into our very own cafe. 'Treacle and treats'. We went in and sorted out the machines and put the first loads of bread and cakes in the ovens. Around ten minutes later the first lot of bushiness men and women started coming in, then for around an hour we are rushed off our feet trying to sort everyone out in reasonable times. At about nine Maya strolled in. The cafe was usually quite quiet from now until lunch so she had time to tell us about the night before. I'll spare you the details. Lunchtime came soon enough and the cafe became busy once again. 


Tori's POV:

I had just been giving a cute old couple there food when he walked in, the person I'd hoped would have forgotten completely about me and moved on. But by the cheeky smile on his face he clearly hadn't. "hey babe" he said, I quickly walked back behind the counter and said "hi harry". I knew I would probably have to see him again but I was praying it wasn't going to be soon. "what are you doing?" he asked me, "getting bread out of the oven what does it look like?" It was very clear what I was doing, I was kneeling down on my knees getting bread out of the oven. "well you could certainly be in that position with me" he boldly said, at first I didn't know what he meant but then I realized and blushed and looked away. He just laughed, where the hell were my friends at this point?! I looked into the kitchen to see them in there pissing themselves at this,I wasn't amused to say the least. "anyway, what would you like?" I asked him "he unlocked his phone and I saw something horribly familiar "Harry?" I asked and he looked up "what is THAT" I said as I pointed at his wallpaper, I knew full well what it was, my arse! He changed his wallpaper to the picture he had taken last night. "you babe, anyway I'd like a kiss but I don't think that can be something bought here, so I'll have to settle for a coffee and another four for the boys". He was so confident and it worried me. It was like I was almost scared of him, don't be ridiculous Tori, there's nothing to be afraid of. I made his drinks as quickly as I could and sent him on his way. As he walked out the door he turned around and said "call me" and winked "in your dreams" I whispered under my breath, I wouldn't dare say that to his face. He somehow heard though and turned around, I quickly turned and ran into the kitchen, worried what he would do. 

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