Party and bullshit

The rain falling reminds me of you, because it's falling hard and I am too♡


7. Chapter seven♡

Danielle's POV: 

The week went fast enough, it was already Friday woohoo. We were just closing the cafe when Tori got a text off Harry:

'Hey babe, there's another party tonight at Chris' and I'll expect you to be there;). The girls that are going don't exactly dress like you do so I advise you wear something a bit shorter. For my benefit too;). Chris lives at 123 Fake Street on the other side of town, the party starts at eight so come around nine. Harry xxx'

"who does he even think he is?!" Tori shouted, and and Maya quickly looked at each other, completely dumbfounded by her reaction, "w-what why, he's only being nice" I answered, honestly scared of her reply. "I'll expect you to be there' how cheeky is that, and what if I'm not, what exactly is he going to do then eyy?". I didn't want to think what he would do. I didn't know Harry and quite honestly I didn't want to. We live in a small town and word gets around fast, I could describe him in 3 words. Fights, alcohol and sex. He had put people in hospital in the past and I'm not sure he would be bothered if it was Tori or the next lad that starts on him. "I think we should just go, it might be fun" I said, I really didn't want to but I worried for her safety at times like this. "what why?!" she said confused, "oh wait I know why, because you two are both scared of him, well I'll tell you now it takes a lot for someone to scare me and he doesn't meet the cut!". "I must say I agree with Danielle on this one" Maya said. "No way on this earth will I be seen at that party". Were Tori's last words. 


Tori's POV:

But sure enough 4 hours later I was stood in Chris' house, I looked around and I realized just how out of place I looked. I kind of wish I had taken Harry's advice and wore a short dress or something,but then again I wouldn't give him the pleasure of seeing me in something like that. I was just laughing to myself when I was interrupted "told you to wear something shorter" only one person was confident enough to start a conversation like that, Harry. "well I didn't" I snapped back at him, I turned to find my friends had disappeared, great. Harry must have realized who I was looking for because he nodded towards a large group of lads a little bit older than us and sure enough Danielle and Maya were right in the middle of them. "sooo, do you wanna get a drink or something" he said I nodded, I realized tonight was going to be crap unless I got a few drinks down me. "3,2,1" he said, this was our third drink and I decided enough was enough, for two reasons. Reason one Harry could drink, I couldn't and two I didn't want to be drunk because I can't keep my pants on when I am. "come on" Harry said, I just followed him outside. He lit a cigarette, "Harry you shouldn't do that." I said, shivering in the cold. "hahaha who are you my mum?" he said while having another puff, "are you cold?" he asked me. I just nodded, in fact no I wasn't cold I was absolutely freezing. He threw his fag on the floor "wait here, I'll go and get my jacket" he said smiling. He was so cute. NO TORI YOU DO NOT THINK HE IS CUTE. He's a dick and he's only trying to get you into his bed, I had to remember that! "hey gorgeous" I heard a voice call behind me. "and who exactly are you?"I asked him fully annoyed that he was eyeing me up. "I'm chris, its my party" he answered "Its chris again, you better remember that because you'll be screaming it all night". was this guy for real?! Before I knew it 'Chris' had me shoved up against the wall and was kissing me, I tried to pull away but he slammed my head against the wall, I screamed but he covered my mouth, I felt a cold water like substance run down my face then I realized it was blood! I tried pushing him away but he only pushed me back twice as hard. He started trailing his hand up my leg, then he took the other hand and put it on my arse. I took the opportunity and screamed for the only person I could think of, Harry. Chris went to hit me again and I creased up my eyes, waiting for my head to be once again slammed against a brick wall, but it wasn't. I slowly opened my eyes to see Harry smiling at me, he gave me his jacket and told me to go inside and he would meet me in a minute. I walked inside and turned to close the door but then I realized exactly what Harry was doing, I ran back out shouting Harry but he wasn't listening to me. He was really hitting this Chris boy hard, if he didn't stop I was worried there would be no more chris, "harry please"I begged him once again he ignored me. then I started crying, why the hell was I crying?! It must be all the alcohol I'd consumed. Harry looked up and his face broke. He suddenly stopped and stood up next to me, he tried to hug me but by this time I was more then scared of Harry, I was completely terrified of him, who's to say he wouldn't do that to me?! I ran back into the house. I could feel and hear Harry coming after me but I didn't care I found Danielle and Maya and told them I wanted to go, they saw I was crying and we left straight away. We all went straight to bed when we got home, but it felt like Harry was still chasing me and the image of him beating up the boy just kept coming back into my head. 

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