Party and bullshit

The rain falling reminds me of you, because it's falling hard and I am too♡


1. Chapter one♡

Tori's POV:

I woke up to bright lights shining in my face, it was all blurry but as I stared to hear voices I knew where I was, sadly back in the flat. "Get up" I heard Danielle call then shortly followed by Maya "come on Tori you can do so much better he was such a dick and we all know that, I know that party tonight, I think it's Josh's or something?" "Yeah it is" Danielle chimed in " I think we should all go, just like we used to, before Justin came along, the three of us, for old times sake, the three amigos?" "Hahaha" I couldn't help but laugh, people had always called us that, ever since we were little, it was always the three of us, and now 15 years later we're still bestfriends and living together. "So is that a yes" Danielle practically screamed at me, "I suppose it won't hurt to go" I said, I didn't want it to seem like I was excited or anything but I did really want to go. "Yayyyy" they both said " well the party starts at 8 so you'll have to start getting ready soon"  I shot up, "WHY?!" I exclaimed "well it's already 5 now" Danielle mumbled, almost scared of my reaction. "Oh right well yeah, I'll just go for a shower then." 


Danielle's POV: 

me and Maya were walking back out of Tori's room quietly, to be honest I think we were both just shocked at how she reacted. Recently she's been really down over this lad, Justin, his name was and since then she hasn't moved. I'm not even joking its been nearly 1 week and she's just lost everything, she has no job, no money and because Justin was very controlling and didnt like her talking to her 'friends' she couldn't so she only has me and Maya. I was thinking about what to wear tonight when I was interrupted. "You know" Maya said "Im not actually sure this is the best thing for her". I was completely shocked by her responce because it was her that suggested it so I asked why, she said "well I was just checking my Facebook and the group that's been made for it, and I saw who's been invited". I didn't see why this was such a problem, I looked before and saw and liked the look of it, I questioned her again "why who's going that's changed your mind?" I asked. She unlocked her phone and turned the screen around for me to see. In plain black and white the 5 names I was dreading to see were up there 

Zayn Malik 

Liam Payne 

Louis Tomlinson 

Niall Horan 

And last, but certainly not least Harry Styles. 




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