Party and bullshit

The rain falling reminds me of you, because it's falling hard and I am too♡


9. Chapter nine♡

Tori's POV:

After this mornings events I didn't do anything all day. But it was around seven o'clock now and me and the girls were bored, "c'mon its Saturday night, lets go out!" Maya said and Danielle agreed with her. "I really don't want to, you two go you'll have a great time!" I said to them, I just wanted to go to the shop, get loads of sweets and crisps and stuff and watch a film on my own. Maya had already ran into her room to get ready, Danielle was more caring though. "are you sure?"she asked me "if you don't want us to we won't go out". "don't be ridiculous I'll be fine I'm just going to watch a movie" I told her. she nodded her head and walked out of the room. 45 minutes later and they both came in, the looked beautiful. "let me take a picture?" I asked them they quickly smiled and I took it, "I'll text you when I go to bed depending on what time yous are planning on coming home" I said as they walked towards the door, the shouted bye and went out. I put on some jeans and my uggs and a top, but I remembered it was eight at night in winter, I just put Harry's jacket on. I was walking to the shop when I heard someone groan in pain, the noise was coming from the alley, as I walked past I could see there was a fight going on down there. I knew better than to go and investigate, it wasn't the nicest area and I didn't want to go down the alley in the dark. I went to the shop and got some sweets, chocolate and popcorn, you couldn't have a movie night without all that right? I was walking back home when I heard the voices in the alley again "yeah don't you ever think about touching we again, see wheres your precious girl now I wonder? not here you know I might go and find her!" said one man, "don't you even think about touching her, and I mean that" the second boy said, he sounded familiar. "or else what?" he asked kicking the boy on the floor in the stomach once more before walking off with his two 'friends' down the other side of the alley.The street light shone on the boy on the floor as he looked up to check they had gone. Oh my god no. It can't be. The boy who was beaten up was Harry! I thought quickly to myself to just run, forget about the whole thing. I started walking, but in the direction of harry, my head was saying turn around but my legs had other ideas. I walked right next to him to see him squint and look up at me,there was hardly any light down here but he still recognized me. "Tori?!" he exclaimed squinting once again, I didn't know if it was because he was in pain or simply because he couldn't see. "yeah it is, get up now" I said to him sternly, I didn't fancy staying down here for much longer. "I-I- I don't know if I can" he said back to me, that honestly worried me. I walked out of the ally and heard harry "Tori no please wait" he said as he got up, I could see by his face that this caused him a lot of pain. "I know Harry" I sighed, "I'm calling a taxi". The taxi came and Harry said his house number and street and we got in, I saw the look he gave Harry and wondered why. His face was covered in blood and there was already bruises forming on his face. I think the driver saw my reaction and thought best not to ask. Harry stepped out and paid the driver he signaled me to come in. I had no money to get home anyway so I thought I'd better just get out now. 

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