Party and bullshit

The rain falling reminds me of you, because it's falling hard and I am too♡


5. Chapter five♡

Tori's POV:

went to the toilet and washed my hands. I looked in the mirror and saw I looked a mess. I quickly wet the ends of my hair but soon have up. I checked my phone to see what time it was, it was getting late. I think I'm going to go soon, I'm bored and I'll have more fun at home watching a film or something. 

"You've been in there a long time" I almost jumped out of my skin it was harry. "Well I didn't ask you to wait did I?" I said, why am I being so bitchy to him?! He frowned at me, "sorry I was only trying to help you out, and I wanted to ask you something" he said, his voice picking up at the last part. "Go on" I replied having a feeling I knew what he was going to ask, "can I have your number?" Harry asked, a bit too confidently, I really didn't want to give it him, I just answered shortly and simply "I don't have a phone". He raised his eyebrows at me and said "whats that in your pocket then?". Shit I forgot I'd left it in the front pocket, fine then I said as I pulled it out. Harry quickly tried to take it off me but I pulled back "what now" he replied annoyed. I was not in the mood for arguing with him anymore I just gave it him. He was smiling as he was on my phone, I was wondering what he was doing but thought better then to ask. He handed it back to me, I turned and started to walk away when I felt an arm around my waist. I immediately pushed him away and carried on walking, I could feel him staring at my arse as I walked away "take a picture it will last longer" I said to him and carried on. *flash* "HARRY WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" I shouted at him "you said I could" he laughed. Ergh this boy. 


Danielle's POV: 

where was she?! She'd been gone nearly ten minutes, then I saw her walking down the stairs, with someone after her. It was dark and I could hardly see but I'd know them curls from anywhere, Harry Styles. I walked up to her and grabbed her hand and pulled her away "c'mon we're leaving" I said to her. "C'ya later babe" harry said, we both turned around shocked at this but he just winked at Tori. "Don't even ask" she said and I thought I would just leave it at that. 


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