Party and bullshit

The rain falling reminds me of you, because it's falling hard and I am too♡


11. chapter eleven♡

Tori's POV:

I woke up to a heavy weight hanging over my stomach. I opened my eyes and saw him, Harry. Then last nights events played back to me. I tried to slide his arm away but it tightened and his eyes fluttered open. "Going somewhere?" he asked as I tried, once again to pull away from him. "clearly not" I said slouching back down again. "can we get up?" I asked "I need to go home". "no you don't" he replied. "Harry" I sternly said, sitting up. "whatttttttt?" he moaned. But he did listen to me because he too got out of bed. "come on lets get breakfast" it only then appeared that he was in his boxers. Boy was he hot! I realized I had been staring and looked up, too late I had been caught out, he started laughing and dragged me along after him down the stairs. "what would you like?" he asked, I honestly wasn't hungry, "nothing can we just go?". "of course not, sit there and I'll make something!" he said as I sat down at the breakfast bar.


Harry's POV:

I made us breakfast and we quickly ate it.I didn't want Lou to come down and she wanted to get home. Tori finished and put her plate in the sink, "can we go now?" she asked, "sure I said standing and grabbing my keys, we got into the car and drove to hers in silence. She went to get out but I had thought ahead and locked the door. She turned to look at me surprised, "come out with me friday?" I asked. "no" she said, I was shocked to say the least. "why?"  I said through laughter, "I'm busy" she said, trying to get out again. "look I know you aren't, I'll pick you up at seven and we'll go out for tea yeah?" I asked "she studied my face before answering, "can I come home after?" she asked, "yeah sure" I said, "promise?" she asked "promise" I answered. "fine" she said. "wear something nice too" I said, as I jumped out of my car going to let her out of her side. She jumped out the car, trying to avoid me, as if! I lent in to kiss her, but she turned around so I only made contact with her cheek. I laughed as she walked across the road, clearly mad. "SEE YOU FRIDAY!" I shouted as she slammed the door. 

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