Party and bullshit

The rain falling reminds me of you, because it's falling hard and I am too♡


8. Chapter eight♡

Maya's POV: 

It was Saturday morning, at 9 o'clock, why was I still not asleep. I'll tell you why because I woke up to hear Danielle being sick in the toilet. "here I made you a drink" she said, and handed me a cup of coffee. "You haven't been sick in it have you?" I asked her jokingly, she just shook her head and laughed at me. Just then there was a knock at the door, we both frowned and looked at eachother, the post man had been this morning and we hadn't recently bought anything online that would need to be delivered. "I guess I'll go see who it is then" Danielle said after there was another knock at the door. I couldn't let her go alone so I followed her out "I'M COMING I'M COMING!" I shouted at the door. Danielle swung it open and stood was two people I never expected to be at our door, Harry Styles and Liam Payne. They stood smiling at us, "what do you want?" I rudely asked, I could see Danielle glaring at me out of the corner of my eye but I chose to ignore her. "wow aren't you nice, and actually we weren't looking for you, is Tori in?" Liam asked us. "Depends who's asking and why they want to know" Danielle said back. "well obviously we're asking and I need to get something out of the jacket I gave Tori last night" Harry said. This immediately scared me, I know what them bad boy types are like, it was probably drugs or a knife or a gun or something like that. I was about to answer when Danielle butted in "well I'm afraid that isn't going to make the cut, try again later. She went to shut the door however Liam was quicker and put his foot in between the wall and the door. "I suggest you let us in, we don't want to have to get the boys do we" Harry said.No we fucking well don't I thought, I signaled at Danielle to open the door and she did. "I mean it though straight in and out or I swear to God I'll call the police."Danielle shouted as they walked up the stairs. "we will" they shouted back but we both knew for a fact they wouldn't!


Harry's POV:

We walked up the stairs and went into a room that said 'Tori's' on the door. She was curled up fast asleep in a little ball. I could't help notice though that she only had a T-shirt on and some underwear, apparently so did Liam because when I turned to look at him he had his eyes focused on between her legs. I walked over and pulled the covers over her, she truly did look cute. "so mate what did you need to come and get?" Liam asked me. "I left my phone in the jacket" I said as I was pulling it out. I turned it on to see my background had changed, "hahahhaha" I couldn't help myself, she had changed it to one of Niall cross eyed with his tongue out, "haha whats so funny haz?"  I explained to him what it had been and he started laugjong too. Clearly a bit too loud because a very startled Tori woke up, "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?! GET OUT NOW!" she shouted at me "nice to see you too" I answered her. "why and how are you in here, ANSWER MY QUESTION". I could hear Liam laughing at all this but I didn't really care. I explained her the story and she just sighed. I walked over and sat on her bed, she looked horrified at this and shouted at me once more to get out. I stood up to go but as soon as I did she grabbed the covers in her hands and flinched, thinking I was going to hit her. Her friends clearly thought something was going on too because they came running in telling us to get out. I could clearly see we weren't welcome so we stood up and left. I turned around to wave bye but Tori was just crying cuddled in, I think it was Danielle's, arms. I just waved at her and she turned away. Well done Harry you've completely blown this one.

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