My New Life- Sequel to My Brother Ed Sheeran (Harry styles love story)

So Andy and Harry have been going out for 1 year and the boys with their girlfriend had been going for about 5 months. Will Andy and Harry last long or will they have to break up?


3. she's gone

Chapter 3 
While everyone was confronting Andy and making sure she was okay I went to go and put a very tired ali(aaliyah) to bed . "You got her babe ?" Liam asked ." Yes babe i got her .",I really didnt speak to him after the chain of events that happened at the park but I knew I had to . When we drove home it was quite.Even though we were holding hands in the car ,I was still upset . Alot was running in my head all at once . Did he like the kiss danielle gave him ? Did he love me like he said he did ? Where do we stand ? I love liam more then anything he is the first person who has shown that they love me for me and not care about my physical being . I know he loves ali like his own and so do the others . I have never seen ali this happy before and knowing its because of us ,puts a smile on my face . When I went into liam's room I went to put ali on top of the covers ,I put the duvet over her small body and I leaned down and kissed her forehead and said "sleeptype little one ." And walked out . 
After putting ali to bed I went into the closet and changed my clothes nothing fancy just some black victoria secret sweat shorts and a purple cami . I pulled my hair into a high bun and walked out of the room closed the door slightly behind me . After coming out of the room I saw everyone leaving andy's room except tasha I saw zayn leave last and said " hey zayn where is tasha?" " she was tired from today and decided to take a nap in my room .why ? " " no reason just curious "" okay , you might want to talk to Andy . I think its nice we are encouraging her that she isnt a bad person but I think it would make her feel better to know it came from you ,considering it was you and liam who.was going threw this . " " Yeah your right zayn im going to go and talk to her now . " I walked up to him and gave him a big hug . I then said "thank you zayn I never would have thought of you being serious /sentimental Type always thought that was liam ." We released each other and he smiled and said "thanks ni and despiste the fooling around with the guys I do have a serious side I just dont pull it out alot . I let liam do that since he is the responsiable one . " and he laughs. " Yeah that my boyfriend alright ." Im going to check on tasha ill see you later . " " alright ,hey zayn can you check on ali every once in awhile she is in liam's room sleeping . He shook his head and said "Yeah no problem .." "thank you " and he went on his way. 
I was in my room with Harry as he was holding me with my head laying down on his chest ,I was still feeling bad about earlier .I dont know why normally I wouldnt care ,I guess because aaliyah was there and she could have come out any moment and seen me hit danielle was the key . Id never hit someone in front of a child . As Harry was rubbing circles on my back and singing little things to me . I heard a door knock I looked up at Harry and then back at the door I really didnt want to see or talk to  anyone . When I heard the knock again I then said in a calm but shaky voice " who is it ? " "its nia,can we talk please? " " im alone " . I looked up at Harry and he was looking down at me he then said "did you want me to stay ? " I shook my head no and said "no I think we will be Fine " I released myself from his brace and Harry said" ill be downstairs with the Lads if you need me okay?  " I smiled lightly and leaned in and kissed him indicating that as a okay . He made his way to the door and opened it . Sure enough nia was outside my door alone with no one else . Thank god. Me being im my thoughts can speed up time because the next thing I know Harry was gone and nia was sitting right beside me .

We werent looking at each other we were just staring in different directions . I dont know what to say to her or aaliyah for that matter . As i was trying to find the words to say to nia . She finally spoke up ,I guess to clear the air . " Andy im not mad at you for what you were going to do to danielle.  " I looked up at her and she was looking at me ."Why n-not? " " to be honest i would have done the Same thing , but I have to think differently because I have a daughter and thats what danielle would have wanted me or any of the other girls to do . " " im pissed off but im more so pissed off with her trying to start something infront of ali and trying to take liam away from me ."  "But there is also one thing i am happy about .". As i looked at her again i saw her smile " I couldnt take the silence anymore "what nia " "Im happy that I have a friend to protect me and the ones I love " " before I met tasha and illyvia I was alone I didnt have anyone to talk to ,I was picked on because of my scars and my learning disability ,but after Meeting liam I met you guys and im so happy ,you guys accepted  me for me and knowing that i had ali you didnt care . Im grateful ,I dont think your a bad person and I think ali would thank you for protecting her mommy just like I am thanking you now . And trust me the only person she would think is bad is danielle and perrie . I smiled and whipped the Tears I had left on my cheeks away and hugged nia . Im glad liam met her she's just like liam but alittle calmer . If that makes since . As she hugged me back i then said "thanks nia that really made me feel better . Im glad liam found you ,you guys are made for each other . " we released each others grip and she had a big smile on her face which made me smile . "Thanks Andy "  "im gonna go and find liam and talk to him are you going to be okay now ?" "Yeah im good now ,thanks for making sure i was okay" " no problem thats what friends are for . " I smiled and walked out of my room with her . We checked on ali before we headed downstairs and she was sound asleep . Peacefully . There is one thing that is bothering me . What did dani mean when she told liam and nia that it wasnt over . I hope she doesnt try to do anything stupid . I took nia's arm and before we got to the others I asked her "hey what do you think dani meant when she said it wasnt over . " nia's smile got real serious and then said "I dont know I was thinking the same thing ,I hope and pray that she doesnt mess with ali because if she does liam isnt the only one  that isnt gonna be pulling me off of her . " I just hope dani isnt that stupid to mess with alittle kid . 
Liam .
I was on the balcony thinking about everything that happened . This was my first time seeing danielle after we broke up and to my surprise none of my old feelings came back . Nia was the one who was there for me . She showed me that she was interested in me and only me . Not because I was rich or I was in one direction but for me and I love her for that . I didnt care that she had aaliyah . I love her already like she is my own,I even thought about adopting her . I know nia thinks that I might still have feelings for dani after she kissed me but I dont . Nia is my girl and the one i want to be with all I felt for dani was puré and utterly disgust . I had my hand on the rails looking at the pool . I felt two arms wrap arm my waste and a chin on my back . As i smiled i heard her sweat angelic voice say ."hi baby " I turn around facing her and wrapping my arms around her waist and said "hey babe " and pecked her líps . Looking into her eyes i know she wanted to ask me some questions . And I was right . "Babe can i ask you something " "anything " she looked down at my shirt and held on to me tighter like she didnt want to let me go .I lifted her chin up so that she can look at me and said "ask me " she took a deep breathe and said " did you like the kiss danielle gave you and do you still have feelings for " I smiled as looked down at her and she looking up at me she saw the look in my eyes I guess she thinks I still have feelings for her ,which I dont . She released herself from me and started walking away from me . I tugged her arm and pulled her back to the position before and wrapped my arms around her . She had Tears in her eye and as I whipped her Tears away I looked into her eyes and said "no babe ,I didnt like the kiss and I dont still love danielle " "the only  kisses i love and enjoy are yours " she looked up at me and said "then Why did you smile when I mention her " " I thought it was cute that you were worried about us ,when you dont have to be ." " babe i love you and nothing or no one will ever break us or seperate me away from you nor ali . " I then said "I love you both " . As the biggest smile spread across her face I smiled widely with her . This girl has cause me nothing but happiness and ill be damn if I let my ex ruin that . Dani and I are DONE that chapter is finished and I'm never going back . Not by a long shot .  I pulled nia close to me to where there was no gap in between us . I looked into her eyes and leaned in and kissed her passionately . After kissing for.awhile I picked her up and carried her over to the chairs . I sat down and pulled her down with me and she began  moaning into the kiss and so did I . I stopped the kiss once more and looked into her chocolate brown eyes and said " I love you nia and don't ever think that i don't " she smiled and said "I love you too and I won't doubt that ever." "Promise?" I said "promise"she leaned down and pecked me ,we then  locked our pinkies and we kissed the end of it and then release .she then smiled and said" and ali loves you to " I smiled just thinking that someday Ali might be my daughter someday . I know she has hasn't had a father figure in her life and now she has me and 4 others . Nia  leaned in and pecked me once and leaned down and kissed my birthmark which caused me to moan .  Nia has done that  since weve been together and I love it,it drives me insane.I lifted her chin and leaned in and kissed her passionately this time,not wanting to let go  . We'll you guys don't need to know what happens next now  do you ?
Danielle's POV

When I saw Liam with another girl I was jealous. Just as I was wishing the girls walked off to use the restroom. I made my way over to Liam who was standing alone. "Miss me?" I asked hugging him from behind. He quickly spun around and deprived my hands from his waist. "Danielle get away from me. How dare you come and start trouble." he said backing away. "There's no need to be like that babe" I said moving in closer to fill in the gap. "Danielle I have a family that I'm happy with" he said pushing me back. "Oh please Liam you and I both know she's your rebound and charity case" I said once again filling the gap. "Nia and Ali will never be a charity case to me. They are and always will be my heart." he said while moving closer to the ladies stall. I heard the door opening and I knew it was the girls so I threw my arms around Liam's neck and roughly pressed my lips to his. I heard gasping and I guess Liam did too because he pushed me back. As soon. As he pushed me a girl with red hair walked up to me with a raised fist. They pulled her back and I was thankful because she probably would have killed me. "This isn't over Liam" I said as I strutted away. I don't know what I'll do but I think I'll start with the little girl first. After leaving liam I went to my car and waited til they were coming out which shouldn't be long cause knowing liam he hated confrontation with anyone especially someone from his past . After waiting for a few I saw him and the girl from before coming out of the park with the others . I saw liam holding the girl who said her name was nia's hand and the little girl in his arms . After settling in they left and I followed . 
*skipped the ride 
After going to the house I met up with perrie I told her my plan about kidnapping Ali and her kidnapping tasha . Perrie was not okay with kidnapping the little girl but I didn't care . I needed someone to get liams attention and Ali was the key . Perrie finally agreed and we headed into the house perrie took the back and I took the front . I still had the key liam gave me and used it to my advantage . When I got in the house there was noone in site . I then saw two figures on the balcony and saw it was liam and nia . When they kissed I was highly upset . That should be me and not her . I know he is using her to get to me and this plan will prove it . I headed upstairs to find liam's room when ii saw them pull in I saw the little girl knocked out in nia's arms. I opened the door to liams room and she was sound asleep . She was the cutest thing on earth . But I needed to do this if I wanted to get my old life back . I grabbed a piece of paper from liam's dresser and wrote him and nia a note 
Dear babe nd charity case 
I have kidnapped and taken your precious little girl ,and the only way to get her back is to meet my demands . I want nia and Ali gone from liams life for good and liam to except me back as his girlfriend.  If you don't do this then your precious Ali will be going somewhere far far away and you will only have your self to blame.  I wil call you with further details . Oh and no cops we wouldnt want anything to happen to you precious Ali now do we . 
Tata ..
P.s you might wanna ask zayn to check on tasha while he is at it .  
I placed the pen down and I went over to the little girl I picked her up hoping she was a.heavy sleeper and thankfully she was . I placed my note where she once laid and started to exit but here I did that I took the little girls bags that had a few toys in them so she could occupy herself . I was finally.ready to exit and when I did I heard someone coming out of there room ,I quickly bolted out of there carefully not waking the little girl and headed to the car . I placed her in the backseat and got in he front . I drove away and headed to hideout .  I just hope this plan doesn't fail . I took out my phone and tested perrie and said " got the target meet me back at the hideaway . " I pressed send and continued on my journey . I just hope liam doesn't hate me for this . 

I had just finished playing FIFA with niall,harry,ed and Lou  while the girls was watching us ,well Andy,el,niam and illyvia anyway tasha was still sleep upstsairs and nia and liam were doing god knows what . Speaking of nia I told her I would go and check on ali and its been about an hour . I handed my controller to ed and got up from my spot  and said " hey guys I'm going to check on ali .." they all said okay and made my way upstairs since I was upstairs I was going to check on tasha as well . When I got out of the basement I saw nia and liam making out on the balcony hard and heavy . I shook my head and as I made my way over there I pulled the door open . These love birds!Thankfully Ali wasn't awake  because she would be asking them series of question . I peeped my head out onto the balcony and coughed and said" excuse me but nia did you want me to still check on ali ? " nia broke apart when she heard me and said" no zayn ill check on her ,its time for her to wake up anyway . " she looked into liams eyes once more and pecked him and said she'll be back . She got up from liam and fixed herself up and headed for the house she placed her hands on my shoulder and said " thanks zayn " "anytime .". And she entered the house I walked out the balcony and walked over to liam who was fixing himself up as well . I couldnt help but to laugh . He looked up at me and said "what " I sat down beside him and said " you love her don't you ? " he looked up at me and said "yeah mate I do " ."she makes me happy and Ive never been this happy before not even with dani ""she makes me fee-" " LIAMMMMM ,ZAYNNNNN "  when we heard nia scream we looked at each other and raced into the house ,when we got into the house we heard other footsteps coming from downstairs ,I guess the others heard nia scream as well .liam was the first to get to his room and when I got in I looked around and saw no Ali . I didn't want to say anything so i kept quite til the next genious thought what i was thinking . Liam was by nia's side she was on the floor on her knees with a paper in her hand.Tears in her eyes and it was ruining her makeup . Everyone had finally came upstairs and tried to catch her I looked around in the hall and saw tasha wasn't there.I know she heard nia's screams unless she was heavy sleeper . " what's going on " niall asked . I looked over at nia and liam who was holding her and confronting her . " she gone" was the last thing she said .

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