How to Love (short story) finished

17 years and Alex still cant love. Ever since her dad left her when she was five, her life has gone down in a spiral. Her mom was depressed and was always drunk then married Todd a ex-criminal. Her mom died when Alex was 12 from cancer and her step-dad did horrible things to her. So when she breaks after 5 years of abuse what will happen when she goes to a new school and the most popular boy in her school Connor notices her and ask question? What happens when he sees the two large scars on her neck? What happens when she starts loving again? Will it be a crash and burn? Or will she learn How to Love? What happens when she finds something out that breaks here? Will she live through it? Or make the ultimate decision of her life?


3. New friends?

Alex's P.O.V.


I hop in the shower ad wonder what school will be like. I go to bed at 10 wondering about it still. I wake up to Wings by Little Mix. I get up and brush my teeth. I leave my black natural wavy hair down. I put on a black tee that said What the Fire Truck in red lettering, red skinny jeans, black vans, two dog chains, and a thick black bracelet. I put on my base layer of makeup(foundation, canceler, bronzer..etc.) black eyeliner around my eyes, mascara, and peach colored Baby Lips. I run down stairs, grab an apple, and my skateboard and ride to school. When I get there I notice it looks like one of the schools in T.V. I go to the office and see a mid-30 looking woman


"Hello my name is Alex Hayne. I'm new here." I say to the lady at the desk.

"Hi I'm Mrs.D, here's your map, books, and schedule . Oh, and here is your student guide." She says smiling. She waves a boy with blonde hair over.

"Hey I'm Brad." I notice he has bright green eyes.

"Sup, I'm Alex." I half-smile at him. He walks me to my first class history. "Wish me luck." I mutter walking into my class. OH HELL NO. There are only Barbies in this class. With Kens to go with them. Grrrr.

"I take it you are Alex." The nice-looking teacher says. I just nod. "Okay go find a empty seat." She smiles at me and I thinly smile back. I walk to the back and sit next to a boy with black hair. The rest of the school day people stare at me- probably because I'm not a Barbie doll. At lunch I walk in and get a slice of pizza. The girls stare at me in horror. It's probably WAAAYY over their calorie limit. I roll my eyes at them. I put in my earphones and start listening to DNA by Little Mix. It was very peaceful until someone sits in front of me, no one else is at the table. I take out my earphones and look up. I see a pretty girl with blonde hair, with black on her bottom layer, and dark gray eyes. She look cool- and not totally fake like everyone else.

"Hey, I'm Chloe." She says in a accent I can't put my finger on.

"Sup I'm Alex." I say.

"Finally someone here that speaks English and not Barbie doll langue!" She laughs.

"That's what I thought as soon as I saw them." At this we both laugh louder. We start talking and I notice that she's pretty cool. I learn that she's from Ireland, and also 17. Also she would rather be called a dude than a girl- like me. She's just like me too- even with the parent trouble. We become best friends in a hour, then lunch is over.

"What's your schedule?" We compare, and see we have all the same classes, I guess we didn't notice each other in History. Finally something good!



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