How to Love (short story) finished

17 years and Alex still cant love. Ever since her dad left her when she was five, her life has gone down in a spiral. Her mom was depressed and was always drunk then married Todd a ex-criminal. Her mom died when Alex was 12 from cancer and her step-dad did horrible things to her. So when she breaks after 5 years of abuse what will happen when she goes to a new school and the most popular boy in her school Connor notices her and ask question? What happens when he sees the two large scars on her neck? What happens when she starts loving again? Will it be a crash and burn? Or will she learn How to Love? What happens when she finds something out that breaks here? Will she live through it? Or make the ultimate decision of her life?


2. Moving in

 Alex pov

I sit in the front with Todd driving because I do not have a license. I turn Pompeii by Bastille on my iPod I bought. It's a two hour drive so I am just gonna listen to music the whole time. The car ride is over before I know it and I jump out of the car. The house was a massive. The yard was the size of a football field and there were small pools of water surrounded by rocks and flowers. I gasp-we usually live in smaller house but we have a lot of money because my mom left us with a lot of money.

"Four bed rooms, five baths, library, office, home theater, pool, hot tub, music and art room." Todd mumbles. I nod and go inside. The house is even better inside. There is a marble staircase going upstairs. I walk up them and walk into the room Todd points to. It is very large. It has a window seat, king sized bed, flat screen TV, an old-fashion vanity and walk-in closet. The comforter on the bed is black with big red roses on it, five red pillows. The walls are a pale green in white there is written ALEX. How is that when  we just moved here? And how is it already decorated?

"This was your mommas mom's house. Your grandma just died a week ago. She had people work on it before she died to get it ready for you and I." Todd says standing on my threshold.

"Really? I can not believe this." I say still shocked- I never knew I had any family beside my dad who is living. Maybe Todd is not that bad after all. He did take care of me even when I had blood family still alive.......Maybe this will work out.


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