How to Love (short story) finished

17 years and Alex still cant love. Ever since her dad left her when she was five, her life has gone down in a spiral. Her mom was depressed and was always drunk then married Todd a ex-criminal. Her mom died when Alex was 12 from cancer and her step-dad did horrible things to her. So when she breaks after 5 years of abuse what will happen when she goes to a new school and the most popular boy in her school Connor notices her and ask question? What happens when he sees the two large scars on her neck? What happens when she starts loving again? Will it be a crash and burn? Or will she learn How to Love? What happens when she finds something out that breaks here? Will she live through it? Or make the ultimate decision of her life?


8. Change your life

*****Inspired by Change Your Life by Little Mix******* Final Chapter

Alex's P.O.V.

I started eating again. I realized he only wanted a slut like Chloe. It has been a week, but I still hate myself for being so dumb. Today is Saturday and I've been in my room most of the day. At 1 pm someone knocks at the door. I go open it and I see Brad.

"I'm so sorry I haven't been able to see you it's just that Chloe has been making me able to not see you." Brad says as soon as I open the door. Me and Brad became really close over when me and Chloe were friends. "I'm so sorry about you and Con-" He starts saying but I cut him of by kissing his lips.

"I'm sorry but I realized this week that the whole time I've loved you, and only you. Before I noticed this I tried to me optimistic but I was only happy when I thought of yo-" Now he cuts me of by putting his lips on mine.  I kiss him back. WOW a lot has changed in my life, I'll never be the same but that's a good thing. I don't care what people think anymore because of Connor, and Brad. Brad taught me that it doesn't matter what your past is, only present and future. His phone starts playing Pompeii by Bastille, breaking the kiss but the song explains my whole life- but my future will be way better with Brad. Never give up because something good WILL come. <3

**I wrote this song for the song competition. I of course based it on Pompeii by Bastille- this song is really good and has some deep words in it. Make sure w=you listen to the song oh and sorry the story is short I just wanted it to be this way! -Love you TributeDirectioner** :)



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