How to Love (short story) finished

17 years and Alex still cant love. Ever since her dad left her when she was five, her life has gone down in a spiral. Her mom was depressed and was always drunk then married Todd a ex-criminal. Her mom died when Alex was 12 from cancer and her step-dad did horrible things to her. So when she breaks after 5 years of abuse what will happen when she goes to a new school and the most popular boy in her school Connor notices her and ask question? What happens when he sees the two large scars on her neck? What happens when she starts loving again? Will it be a crash and burn? Or will she learn How to Love? What happens when she finds something out that breaks here? Will she live through it? Or make the ultimate decision of her life?


5. 1st year anniversary.........................................WTF??

****A year passed since Alex and Connor started going out****

Alex's P.O.V

I cant believe that today is our 1st year anniversary! I plan on surprising him by showing up at his house with a fancy dinner. I put on a gray tee that says Wild Things  in black lettering, dark purple skinny jeans, a purple snapback, black Supras, and  a studded bracelet. I put on my base layer of makeup on, black eyeliner, purple eye shadow, mascara, and put on some Baby Lips. I put on black studded earring. I grab the food of pasta for our dinner and walk across the street to his house. I ring the door bell.

 No answer. I do it again. Same thing. I know he is here, because the light is on in his room. I sigh and grab the extra key under the welcome mat. I walk in and it is silent. I walk up to his room and I hear a moan. My eyes tear up- this can't be happening. I open his door and there I see what I prayed I never would have to. Connor in the bed naked with a blonde Barbie doll.

Connor looks up at me and is shocked. "Babe I can explain. Oh shit I forgot it was to-" I cut him off.

"WTF CONNOR! IT'S OUR ANNIVERSARY AND YOU CHEAT ON ME???? Just tell me one thing how long?"

"Bab-" He starts.

"Who fucking long?" I ask calmer.

"Six months." He mumbles. Now the blonde sits up. And I notice who she is. CHLOE.

"WTF CHLOE? YOU SLEPT WITH MY BOYFRIEND?!" I scream at her. She just stares at me and puts on her clothes and runs out.

I start crying and run to my house.


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