Heart Breaker

Kira Johansen is A 17 year old. She attends Lake Mccreery Highschool. Kira's boyfriend Jai soon realizes Kira is not the girl he wants anymore. Kira is heart broken. Who will be there for her in the end? Harry, Niall, or Liam?


2. It's All Over

Kira and Bree were in the car when Jai's personalized text tone beeped. Kira grinned and quickly scrambled for her phone. She typed in her passcode and the grin got swept off her face with-in seconds. Tears formed in her eyes and when she blinked a tiny stream off water slivered down her smooth face. Bree looked over in confusion, "what happened, Kira?" She pulled the car back into the parking space and turned toward her bestfriend. "Jai is not going to formal with me." Bree suddenly snapped into a serious mood and began to console her. "He is taking Ali Freeman" Bree wondered how someone could be so stupid to let go of Kira. "Hey how about you stay at my place, my cousin Liam is coming over with a few of his friends." Kira quickly agreed and smiled. She was not going to let a selfish person like Jai ruin her day. Bree drove toward downtown while Kira called her parents to tell them she would be staying at Bree's house. When they pulled up to her house Liam and his friends were already there. Kira knew liam, but met when they were only 8. Now Liam was a tall, handsome guy. As Kira stepped out of the car Niall stared at her like he had never seen someone so beautiful. Kira giggled as she walk toward the house. The five boys followed Bree inside. Kira noticed there was only 4 bedrooms. Bree and zayn would share. (considering they were dating.) Louis and Niall would share a bedroom. (which had two beds)  Liam would get his old bedroom, and me and harry were stuck with a room with only one bed. I knew right off the bat things would be awkward. I dropped my bags on the ground and slipped my shoes off. I layed down on the bed, checking twitter. Harry walked in, and instantly sparks flew. I couldn't help myself but stare as harry unpacked his bags. He looked up and i quickly twitched my head back to my phone. Harry laughed and so did I. I knew it wouldn't be right to like someone right after a break-up. But Jai DID break up with me. And he already had a new girlfriend. So i cut myself some slack and officially had a crush on Mr.Harry Styles.


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