I Never Thought this would happen to me

This story is about a girl named Emma. She Just started to date and she never thought it would me Niall Horan. She thinks it is all good to date a Famous guy but it starts to get way to hard to handle. emma starts to find out that Niall is only using her. When really won of is band members likes her. Things happen and things change.


1. I Never Thought This Would Happen to me

Emma's P.O.V

It was the last day off school and i was so sad. Not that school was over but that all my friends hated me because people started to spread rumors that i stole my Bffs boyfriend. Which FYI i did not. They saw me kissing him but he kissed me and i didn't kiss back. So on the last day of School I walked home all alone. When I was on my way home i saw someone how looked like Niall Horan. Before i could even tell he started to walk in my direction. I could not believe it!!

Niall"s P.O.V

I was on my way to this models house. Her name was Liz. But Before i got there i saw the beautiful creature walking in my direction. I had to go say hi so i walked over to her. " Hi I am Niall" she said "Hi i am Emma."Emma asked a lot of questions like "are you Niall Horan" and "why are you here." But I ignored it. So i walked her how and i could tell she liked me and i liked her. But before we got her house she disappeared. 


Hey guys it is me Niallloverps<3 and aim new to this and instead of making long chapters i am making a lot of short ones so i hope u enjoy 

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