Near to you

Avery Saunders doesn't have much going on for her in her life. The only person she really cares about and can trusts is her husband Wyatt. But when Wyatt begins to come very distant, Avery starts to worry. Avery's life gets even more complicated when Wyatt's long lost friend Evan returns to town. Wyatt wants a divorce and Avery and Evan grow closer. But there's something that just doesn't add up. As secrets are revealed and hearts are broken and choices are made. Avery learns that there's more to a relationship than just love. (A Fine Frenzy - Near to you)


1. Suprise

I look at the stranger in the mirror. The stranger looks back at me. Both of us reflect the same expression on our face. She looks like me. She is the same person I have always known. She is me. But she isn't. I'm not the same person I once was. I've changed so much. The thought makes me sick. I still have the same fiery red hair and the same piercingly blue eyes. My skin still looks like it's never seen the sun. Nothing has changed outside. It's inside that's the problem. That's where it's all gone wrong. I look away from the mirror before I see a tear. Why does life have to be so unfair? What did I ever do to deserve all this pain and heartbreak? I wipe my tear away with the back of my sleeve. I look around my room and hold back more tears. Everything reminds me of Wyatt. The pain is too much the handle. I run out of my room and down the stairs. My mum's burning something in the kitchen. I put my coat on and open the front door.


“Avery?” My mum calls. I ignore her and shut the door behind me. I'm instantly attacked with the cold winter rain. I take cover under my hood and head for the bus stop. The bus comes a minuet later and I jump aboard with what little change I find in my pocket. I know I don't have any money to get back, but right now I don't care. I guess I'll just figure it out after. I don't care about anything any more. I watch the rain beat violently down on the pavement. Cars pass with their windscreens moving rapidly and people quickly take cover inside shop buildings. The bus passes a green light and I get off at the next stop. I hadn't realized I knew where I was going until I got there. My phone vibrates inside my pocket. I fish it out and see my mum and a picture of her flash across my screen. I don't answer but I don't completely ignore her either. I text a quick message saying that I wont be long and that I love her. It's been a whole week since I've seen Wyatt. Neither one of us have got in contact as I'd expected. It's almost like I didn't exist to him. Well, I'm going to give him a not so friendly reminder. I march on down his street. He lives in the better part of town. His family hadn't been the most welcoming. His father ignores me, his mother bitched about me and his best friend skipped town. Am I really that bad? I've never put a foot wrong and I've been a target ever since they first set eyes on me. I open Wyatt's gate and storm down the path. Three bangs on the door. He opens the door. It takes him a second to respond and recover to my presence. He's under-dressed. Quite odd for a Sunday afternoon. Then again, he always acts odd. When he's got something to hide that is. His eyes widen. He looks like a scared animal caught off guard. Then his face hardens and he looks angry.

“What are you doing here?” He snaps. His voice coated in venom. He taken me aback for a second, I real from the sudden blow. What's happened to him? What's happened to us? I feel sad and lonely and I can't help the great feeling of loss at loosing him. This time it's for good. I just know it is.


“Can I come in?” I ask. My voice dry and horsey. My hands are shaking with the cold.


“I wouldn't recommend it.” He says flatly. Just when I'm about to ask why when I see exactly the answer. Behind him is a girl. She too is half dressed and she looks a little dazed. Oh no! Oh Wyatt! How could you? After everything I've done for you. After everything we went through to be together! You just thought you'd chuck it all away, like it's nothing, like we're nothing. I stumble back. I feel like I've had a physical blow. “Avery” Wyatt says, his voice cracking and breaking, rising with obvious panic. I put my hand up.


“Don't.” I spit. “Just don't.” I turn around and run away. I don't know how long I run for or how far. All I know is that I don't stop when I'm tired, I just kept on running. I don't know when I run to. I stop abruptly and take deep breaths. I still can't get my head around what I've just seen. My phone buzzes in my pocket but this time I ignore it. I decide it's best to get myself home as quick as possible so I take a short-cut through the park. I need to decide what I'm going to do now. What's left for me here. I've known Wyatt all my life, even when we weren't dating, he'd always been a big part of my life. I was sixteen and he seventeen when we started dating. It was the day after Wyatt's eighteenth birthday that we married. Only two years have passed but it feels like a lifetime ago. I cut through the park trees and freeze. In front of me is Wyatt's friend. Evan.

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