Near to you

Avery Saunders doesn't have much going on for her in her life. The only person she really cares about and can trusts is her husband Wyatt. But when Wyatt begins to come very distant, Avery starts to worry. Avery's life gets even more complicated when Wyatt's long lost friend Evan returns to town. Wyatt wants a divorce and Avery and Evan grow closer. But there's something that just doesn't add up. As secrets are revealed and hearts are broken and choices are made. Avery learns that there's more to a relationship than just love. (A Fine Frenzy - Near to you)


2. Encounter

Evan King has never been anything short of perfect. Everything about him just screams weak-at-you-knees hot. Wyatt and he had been friends longer than I'd even been born. Many a times when we were younger had I teased Wyatt with Evan's God-given looks. It wasn't to say that Wyatt wasn't handsome too, because he was. He was just handsome in a totally different light. They were the polar opposites of each other, inside and out. White Wyatt had blonde hair and green eyes, Evan had brown hair and brown eyes. As for personality, lets just say Wyatt was a prince and Evan the frog. It was amazing that the two of them even got along at all. What did they talk about when they weren't at each others throats? I felt sick to the stomach when I realized that Wyatt wasn't being prince material at the moment. Wyatt had changed and I didn't like it one bit. The question was though, what was I going to do about it? Evan on the other hand, was the same as always. The same lying, twisted, scheming no-good, diabolical...


“Hello...Ava...” Evan purred, thrusting me out of my thoughts and into his grasp.


“Avery...” I flounder.


“It's Evan actually,” he smirks. Oh! He's a smart guy! He always knows what to say at exactly the right time. I shut up to avoid making a complete and utter idiot of myself.

“It's nice to see you, it's been a while. Tell me: how was the wedding?”. Evan took a step towards me. I took a step back. His smile widened. Where was everyone on this beautiful Sunday morning? I didn't want to think about it. I didn't know what to say. What should I say? 'Yeah, it went well, I wore a beautiful, flowing white dress and we had a chocolate-filled wedding cake.' Yeah, some how I don't think he was really that interested. I needed to buy some time. When I didn't answer but instead just stared at him with confusion, he laughed under his breath.

“How's it going? How's you husband doing? Any kids yet? How's your mother?” Oh my! Evan could talk for all of England! He took another step forward. I took a step to the right, hoping to somehow dance around him and make a run for it. The question was though, where was I going to go? My home was miles away and the only other building within a sprinting distance was Wyatt's house. There was no way I was going back there, which was stupid and immature. Surely I wasn't contemplating my own life over my pride. Would Wyatt even let me in? Was Evan even that much of a threat? Who wasn't to say he was on his own? I had known him a long time and Wyatt even longer. Evan had never done me any harm. So where had he been all these years? It was none of my business.

“Hello!” Evan said, “Earth to Saunders! Are you home!”


“I'm here and don't call me 'Ava' or 'Saunders' or anything that isn't Avery!”


“Oh temper, temper,” he tutted.

“I do apologise for calling you 'Ava' earlier, but hay, forgive and forget, right? 'Saunders', on the other hand, is your name. Your husband paid way too much money on assuring that it happened, so there's no need to throw a hissy fit”


“Stop calling him 'My husband', he has a name you know and I'm not throwing a hissy fit!” He must have heard it in my voice or seen it in my eyes but he knew.

“Oh! Someone over here's had a domestic!,” I don't know where it came from but I'm glad it did. Today was just kind of an off day for me. I closed the distance between us. Evan smiled. There I was, locking eyes to eyes with him, he actually thought I was going to kiss him. I couldn't head-but him, he was just too tall. Instead I stood on his foot and kicked him where it hurt. Maybe it was too much. Maybe I'm a bitch. Maybe I'd come to regret it later on. Maybe instead I should have slapped or punched his pretty little face. For Evan, that would have hurt just as much. All I knew for sure was, that at the time, I thought he deserved it. He was and still is a dick. Now I look back at it, it makes me smile. It was later on that I realized that the worse times lay ahead and anything that made me smile shouldn't be forgotten or regretted.


“Stay away and leave me alone, if you know what's good for you,” I turn and leave.


I decided right then and there on the spot, that without a doubt, I hated Evan with a passion. As for Wyatt, I loved him with all I knew how to. No matter what he did or said. No matter if he hurt me or how much he hurt me. I loved him. I always had and I always would. If only I'd know then, that all too soon, I'd have to let him go.



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