Fun in the Sun

Riley and Jessica are best friends who live at the beach. Riley had just moved here, about a year ago. Jessica had no friends, then. She was bullied, and Riley stuck up for her. The two have been best friends ever since. Now, seventeen, senior year, they are planning to have the best summer ever, talking about boys, surfing, partying, and trying to help each other win the boys of their dreams. Oh, and did I mention? They're mermaids.


2. Plain Old Purple vs. Green


"Haha, beat you again!" Riley screamed with joy. Every time. You see, Riley has always been about ten seconds faster than me whenever it comes to swimming. That may be because she is taller and leaner, or that may be because she plays more sports, such as after school volleyball.

"Aww whatever. We'll race again tomorrow. I'll beat you then." I say with a laugh. I look up at Riley's head and laugh hysterically. She probably thought I was crazy. You know how earlier Riley said that her hair is always in a high messy bun. Well, she swam so hard today that it came undone right in the middle of the ocean. Her once straightly pulled together hair is now flowing in the ocean swiftly while her green hair tie floats to the surface.

Riley just starts laughing and I can't blame her. It is a funny thing to see. Well, just to us really. Other people may think we are crazy. See, we have some of the stupidest inside jokes ever starting with the stupidest words. So, hair ties floating away have always been really funny to us for some reason or another. I don't know I probably don't make sense but oh well.

We start talking and giggling about anything that you would imagine a teenage surfer girl talks about. Boys, clothes, bikinis, cute surf board designs, anything.

I get really startled at the sound of two noises coming from either direction of us. "Eek, eek." Yay! This noise always scares me half to death, but I love it so much. It is our two pet dolphins! Every night they return to the coral reef to play. We met them once, abandoned and sick. We healed them and now they are ours! We both love candy so Riley's is named Skittles and mine is Gumdrop.

Because we have telepathic powers on each other, we also have the power to communicate with Skittles and Gumdrop.

I can hear Riley in my mind, saying that Skittles told her that they both want us to hop on their backs and explore the coral reef. This beautiful blue reef stretches about five miles, and surprisingly most of that we haven't explored yet.

Now, before I go on, I must explain the colors for our tails! They change with our moods! Right now mine was green, which meant I was really happy. I love it here! Riley's was purple though, which meant she is happy, but she has something on her mind.

"What's wrong, Riley?" I ask her.

"Nothing, just thinking. I'm nervous about the party. If I tell my mom I am going to a party, even if we do go surfing, she'll make me wear the strapless one." Riley said.

"Why on earth would she do that?"

"Because my mom is stuck up. But if I don't tell her, the party may go late, and I'll be grounded forever."

"Hmm." I say thinking. "Maybe you could wear the strapless one with the ring and pack the surfing one! Put it in your pink Victoria's Secret bag and bring your surfboard with you!"

"Wow, you rock! Thanks so much for that idea, why didn't I think of it myself?!" Riley said with joy.

"I don't know! Maybe because I'm smarter than you." I mumbled that last part jokingly.

"What was that?"

"Nothing." I said as we both burst out laughing. See, this is what best friends should do! Make fun of each other and laugh about it. 

Back to exploring the reef. I see fish of so many different colors! The reef has never been this pretty before. This place is my second home. 

Then I realize something. Curfew. We have a 1:00 AM curfew, and our tails will turn back to legs at exactly 12:00. If we are still underwater when they change back, we will drown!

Looking at the waterproof watch I am still wearing, I check the time. Uh oh.

"Riley it's 11:45! We have to be back on shore in fifteen minutes or we'll drown! You know how long it takes to get back! Let's go!"

"Remember Jessica." Riley says calmly before we rush home. "It'll always be plain old purple vs. green, no matter what happens to us." This girl is seriously the best.

We say goodbye to Skittles and Gumdrop and race back to shore. We get there just in time as our tails turn back to legs and our bathing suits reappear on our wet bodies.

"I had so much fun today." Riley says with joy.

"Me too." I say.

Then I remember something, the beach closes at 11:00. Anyone left on the beach gets in big trouble. And we are just sitting here in the water, giggling.

"We have to go, now!" Riley says to me.

Too late. There is a police behind us, shining a flashlight in our faces, with a pen and paper in his hands.


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