Death is calling....


4. The plot thickens...

I t took me a moment to recognise the black dog sitting in front of my apartment building.

Angie: Shadow? What are you doing here?

(I probably should have taken your hunky owner up on the coffee and never wasted my time with…)




Shadow and I both looked up in the direction of the explosion

(There’s smoke coming out of that window… what that’s MY window!!)


Blake: Are you kidding? She’s still outside?


(I know that voice)


I whipped around to find 5 familiar men in suits, the waiter from the bar and Xavier. And tats Stark from this morning along with his silent companion

I even recognise the younger guy who was following me earlier!


Angie: What are you all doing here? Mr Apartment…


Xavier: This is ridiculous. Someone’s going to have to take the blame for this


Shadow walked over to Stark and nuzzled his leg


Stark: Am afraid that luck hasn’t exactly been on our side today


Xavier: Please luck hardly applies to what we do


Angie: Xavier??


Xavier: Well whoever screwed up should be the one to finish her off, let’s get this over with


Angie: What?!


Blake: Sorry to break it to you, but technically you’re supposed to be dead




Stark pointed up at my apartment building


Stark: What Blake means is that you somehow missed every attempt at your scheduled death today


His face was completely serious. I felt a chill go down my spine


(That’s impossible… this must be some kind of joke!)


Angie: Real funny, I mean … people don’t have scheduled deaths…


Leo: You humans never know how to accept what’s right in front of you (the silent companion)


Angie: And who are you?


Leo: Oh you kind have invented a myriad of names for us. Angle of Death, Grim reaper… is it really necessary for me to go on?


The youngest man spoke up


Alaric: Come on Leo… she’s scared enough as it is


Leo: Humph


Alaric: I’m Alaric, sorry about earlier…


Xavier took out a pocket watch and stared at it in irritation


Xavier: Would someone just take care of this already? We need to collect her soul and move on


Angie: But…


(Something’s strange….)


The way Stark’s dog had almost knocked me into the traffic this morning. I turned to Blake.


Angie: Why was the drink you gave me fizzier than the others?


Blake: that…


Xavier: It was poisoned, of course


Angie: Poisoned?!


Blake: Don’t worry… it would have been quick and painless…


Angie: Is that why you asked me out tonight? Just so you could….


Xavier: Kill you? Yes


(And that explosion)

The full weight of what was going on finally hit me

My knees felt wobbly


Angie: I … I’m supposed to be dead?


Leo: It’s about time


Xavier: Well id no one else is going to do anything then…


Angie Cant you find some what to help me Xavier? I won’t say anything at work, I promise!


Xavier: Work? That… office is of little significant compared to my real work


Angie: But…


Xavier: This is the end for you. Just accept it


Angie: Just give me 10 more days!


Blake: What?


Angie: Give me 10 more days to live, that’s all I ask!


Leo: Oh come on….


Xavier: Impossible you’ve already lived longer than scheduled


Alaric: But… we could just change her time and cause of death right?


Xavier shot daggers at Alaric


Alaric: Even if we take her now, the reincarnation agents are going to know that we missed our original collection time


Xavier: Waiting longer will only exacerbate the problem


Alaric: But…


Xavier: End of discussion


Angie: STOP!


I steeled myself and try to stand as tall as I could, even though my heart sank


All 5 men went quiet


Angie: Well… you could at least explain what is going on since apparently my life depends on it


Xavier: Whatever someone wants to give her a quick rundown?


Stark: Like Leo mentioned, you probably know us as Grim reapers but we’re officially known as collectors.


Angie: collectors?


Stark: Correct, our job is to collect the souls of the newly departed and escort them into the Reincarnation Agents


Blake: The Reincarnations Agents are in charge of erasing each soul’s memories during cleansing


Angie: I’m going to lose all my memories?


Blake: Of course! Imagine if you were reborn with all your prior memories intact…talk about confusing!


Angie: So… collectors… you work with reincarnation agents?


Xavier: Yep, although they don’t make it easy….


Xavier and Stark exchange an odd look


(I wonder what’s up between them two)


Blake: Still we all have to work together to keep this life and dearth thing going


Angie: Let me get this straight… I’m supposed to be dead, you guys were supposed to take me to the reincarnation agents to have me memories erased…


Alaric: Exactly!


Angie: Yet somehow you guys messed up and I am still alive


Xavier: …..


(I hope I know what I am getting myself into….)


Angie: but don’t you realise that even if you take me now, I will still remember this very conversation?


Leo: Now wait just a minute…


Angie: What’s to stop me from telling the agents everything? It’s not like I have anything to lose



Leo: Gutsy, for a human


Blake: She’s serious trying to blackmail us? Funny!


Angie: I’m only asking for a few days


Stark: I’m sorry Angie, but your death is a set fact, regardless of whether or not you postpone it


Angie: I undersand, but if you do this for me, I promise that I won’t say a word to anyone


They went quiet


Angie: Please… just ten days (Ten days to say goodbye)


Stark: Angie….


Alaric: I really don’t see any harm


Blake: That’s because you are still new to this, trust me. The reincarnation agents will sniff out an overdue human just like that id were not careful


Xavier paused for a moment to think


Xavier: Still, though it’s rare to find a human crazy enough to strike up a deal with death. Maybe this could be entertaining


Leo: What?!

Xavier pointed at me


Xavier: But you’d better hold up your end and keep your mouth shut! You have no idea what a pain in the ass those agents are. Especially when they have something to gloat over


Angie: you have my word (The strength in my voice caught my by surprise)


Xavier: Hmm in that case… you have your 10 days Angie


Alaric: Good call, Xavier


Stark: I hope everyone’s really thought this through


Leo: What a bunch of nonsense


Blake: Should be enough time to have some fun!


I glanced back at my ruined apartment; well I have managed to buy a little more time but just a little


Xavier: Don’t get too excited now. It’s not like we can just set you loose again someone is going to have to keep track of you say and night to make sure you stay out of trouble


Angie: but...


Xavier: There’s no discussion here


He glanced around to his fellow collectors and sighed


Xavier: but since its unclear which of us is actually responsible for this mess, we’ll let you choose. Who’s it going to be?



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