Death is calling....


1. Prologue


My life was nothing but ordinary, there was nothing interesting about me, my job or well anything for that matter. I was a normal female who lived in San Francisco, with a mundane office clerical job. I did own a stray puppy though, I had found her on the streets and took her in, she is one of my few companions in my daily life. I loved her. My story begins on an average morning, typically I was late for work, nothing out of the ordinary though I was a little bit of a scatter brain. I was making a rather mad dash to get out for work on time for once but I was failing. 

"Phone, wallet, keys….anything else?" I murmured under my breath while scanning the room madly, trying to discover if I had left anything behind that was important. I had placed a single piece of toast between my lips and nibbled against it slowly. Eventually I gave up searching for the impossible and made a move out of the apartment, while throwing a cold bottle of water into my bag. Once I had locked the door, I had tapped the wooden panels and checked around the frame of the door, in a rough city you cannot be too careful. I look down to my watch

"I only have 15 minutes! I wish I hadn't lost track of time like that…" I cursed at myself and turned to run out of the block of flats and into the street. Once I had stepped onto the concrete of the busy street I sighed and looked to the light fog that was roaming the streets along with the pedestrians, I had grown used to it over my years of living here.

I joined the familiar mass of pedestrians, walking north of my apartment to the office. I reached into my pocket and looked down at my phone to look at the time. 

" I think I can still make it!"  I say to myself cheerfully, at the prospect of being on time for once. I smiled at the thought of it. However, this story is not normal, today was the beginning of something unusual. 

While staring at my phone, I was oblivious to my surroundings and then...


That’s when something shoved me towards the street, hard. My arms were flailing around, surely i looked like an idiot but I was scared and confused. Something had hit me hard and now I was now heading into the busy street, I was going to be killed! My heart was hammering hard against my chest in pure terror and fear. But at the last minute I managed to catch my balance teetering on the curb, clutching my bag tightly. I watched my water bottle fall and roll into the traffic, watching as a taxi cab drove directly over it, causing a large crunch and splatting sound as the water burst and left a dark stain on the pavement, That… could have been me… 

I took a deep breath, trying to calm my nerves down and stop my body shaking so much, everything was moving around me, as if no one saw me nearly... get killed! 

 “I'm so very sorry! You aren't hurt, are you?” I heard a male voice call out to me. I turn my body slowly to see two men were approaching as I stepped back onto the side walk  The first man’s voice was full of concern, but his companion regarded me with a blank stare.

 “I'mI'm fine” I reply to him with my shaking voice causing me to stutter. 

“I must apologise for letting Shadow off his leash” The first man continues, while he looks beyond her, frowning.

"Shadow?" I ask curiously and confused. 

"Here boy!" the first man called out and made a beckoning gesture with his hand. Moments later a large black dog scampered over. The first man gently patted its head. The dog stared up at me with curious eyes. I looked to the dog confused, something about him was unusual, he was just sitting there staring at me. I have never seen a dog just stare....

"I don’t know what got into him" the man explains to her once more and sighs while shaking his head at his dog and flicks its ear, as a punishment I assumed. The other man, however, just snorted and pulled out a pocket watch.

"Well, it all turned out okay… and, uh your dog seems to be okay too. Maybe just be a little more careful next time" I tell them, ready to turn away. 

"Yes, of course. By the way, my name is Stark" the first man says with a soft expression on his face with an even softer smile, while holding out his hand out to me. I shook it awkwardly, suddenly noticing how handsome he was. His complexion was flawless, underneath his sandy blonde ruffled hair and deep brown eyes. 

I'm Angie" I eventually stutter to him, with my cheeks reddening in embarrassment when realising I was just staring at him.

"Angie, I truly regret meeting you under such unfortunate circumstances. Please, let me at least buy you a cup of coffee" My heart thumped under my chest, he wanted to take me out to coffee! Oh, gosh wow that never happened for me anyway....

"Sure I would love to" I utter to him and nod enthusiastically with a smile on my lips. The other man’s eyes narrowed as he stared at his pocket watch, he seemed agitated for some reason, but she could not explain why, did she perhaps offend him in some way? Wait, I need to snap out of it! I looked at my phone, crap! It was 7:53, I had only 7 minutes to get to work! I tore myself away from both the men without even so much as an explanation or a goodbye.

"What am I thinking?! I didn't even give him my number!" I cursed at myself. I stopped in my tracks and turn back to look for them. But when I glanced back, both the men and their dog had vanished. 

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