Death is calling....


2. Good luck?

My best friend Lea was waiting for me as I stumbled into the office at exactly 8. I stopped as I passed through the entrance, keeling over to catch my breath once more. 

"I made it!" I exclaim loudly, despite my breath escaping from me at a rapid rate. I look up to see Lea looming over me, with her arms folded crossed her body, looking down at me with one of her mischievous smirks. 

"You have some explaining to do" she chimes cheerfully, definitely in one of her playful, I-want-to-know-gossip mood. 

" I know I was almost late, but…" I utter, while finally collecting myself and standing up right to face her directly with an apologetic tone in my voice. I hated being late, it was one of those things I had, I hated disappointing people. 

"Sssh. Not in here…" Lea, grabs my arm and whispers harshly into my ear, before dragging me into the office lounge. The day’s first pot of coffee was gurgling in the office kitchen.Lea works as a receptionist here. And like any good receptionist she basically keeps the place from falling apart. We’ve been best friends since college. But her main priorities have always been to stay up to date with the latest gossip whether if it was office related or celebrities. 

"So… spill it!" She pokes at my shoulder with a playful and cheerful laugh, 

"Spill what?" I stutter in confusion, "I don't understand..." I frown at her. 


Lea: the guys, Angie. Tell me about those two hot guys you were chatting to on the street, I saw the whole thing


Angie: Oh that? There’s not much to tell. Their crazy dog almost knocked me over so they stopped to apologise


Lea: Uh-huh right and…?


Angie: And?


Lea: Well, did you give them your number?


Angie: “I was in too much of a rush


Lea: What?


Angie: I know I know… believe me I’ve been kicking myself ever since


Lea: Unbelievable…


Just then the door opened and a sharply dressed man entered (Where have I seen him before?)


Xavier: Pardon me for interrupting

Lea: Good morning Xavier


Xavier: Lea


He nodded then turned to me


Xavier: And you are… Angie, correct?


Angie: Yes…


His voice was cool and confident


Xavier “I believe we briefly met the other day when I joined the legal team


(Oh that’s right! He’s the youngest lawyer here. I’ve heard that he is absolutely brilliant, if a little standoffish _


I suddenly felt self conscious


Angie: Uh… good morning


Xavier: Let me cut right to the chase


He smoothed his tie


Xavier: This is a little out of the blue. But I was wondering if you have plans for tonight


Angie: Tonight? I…


Lea: Angie was just talking about how she’s got the whole week free




Xavier: In that case, perhaps I could meet you at your desk after work, is 6 okay?


Angie: That’s fine…


Xavier: Wonderful I loo forward to seeing you then


Lea waiting for him to leaving before digging her elbow into my side


Lea: you must have some thing really good in your past life!


Angie: I guess… although I should be bat at you…


A smile spread across my lips


Angie: But it has been a while since I went on a decent date!



At six sharp, Xavier showed up at my desk and walked me out the office


Xavier: if you don’t mind, I thought we could go somewhere low-key to relax


Angie: that sounds … good


(Am used to having huge crushes on guys like him…. From a distance)


I tried to calm my nerves


Angie: um, how was your day?


Xavier: Pleasant enough. Mostly it was a lot of paperwork, but I find that infinitely preferable to sitting though long meetings


I smiled at his matter-of-fact tone


Angie: I agree


(I can see why some people might find him standoffish but he’s just direct. It’s kind of refreshing)


Xavier: you seem to have taken a keen interest in my tie


Angie: Oh I didn’t meant to stare, I was just trying to figure out what kind of pin that is


Xavier: Ah, this…


He lightly fingered his tiepin which was shaped like a skull!


Xavier: I considered this something of a lucky charm. It’s seen me though quite a bit these past few years


Angie: It’s really unique


Xavier: Yes this was… custom-made


I suddenly stopped


Xavier: Is something wrong?


Angie: Its weird but I feel like someone is watching me…


I glanced over my shoulder, catching the gaze if a young man, the young man immediately turned red and disappeared down a side street


(Maybe lea’s right… I seem to be getting a lot of attention from men today!)


Xavier had spotted his as well


He placed his hand on my back as we resumed out walk


(Oh! That awfully friendly)


Xavier: Its just one more block up


Angie: sounds great, but i've been meaning to ask…Why exactly you did…


Xavier: why did I suddenly approach you today?


I nodded, instead of answering he pulled me a little closer. A mischievous space across his face. My cheeks reddened

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