Death is calling....


3. Date night

We ended up in a trendy bar.


Soft lighting led us up to the send floor lounge


(He was right this place is nice)


A handsome waiter stopped by with a tray of cocktails right as we were settling in on a couch


Blake: Good evening, my name is Blake and I’ll be taking care of you tonight. Let me start you off with something special…


The waiter placed two cocktails on the table in front of us


(There’s something really elegant about the way he moves as he’s used to being stared at… no wonder he’s gorgeous!)


Blake: This is a sample of the bartenders latest


He looked down at me


Blake: it has a certain sweetness that our female customers find particularly…engaging

(I wonder if he looks at all this female customers like that…)


Xavier cleared his throat


Blake: of course. I hope you both enjoy it


The drink was deep, blood red.


(I just remembered…)


Angie: this is actually really embarrassing, but I can’t drink at the moment…


Xavier: Pardon me?


Angie:  I’m still on antibiotics for an ear infection… sorry; I should have mentioned it earlier


Xavier: I…see


(He sounds a bit disappointed)


Blake: That a shame, I believe that this drink was inspired by a rather enchanting girl, quite like yourself…


Xavier crossed his arms


Blake: I’ll just leave it with you should you change your mind…


The waiter moved onto the next group of patrons


(So embarrassing… and I bet the drink as really good too. Although I wonder why mine is so much fizzier than the others. Maybe the bartender’s still getting the hand of it)


Angie: Sorry again


Xavier: It’s fine


But whatever connection we had seemed to disappear after that


Angie: So, you said you transferred in from another company?


Xavier: ….yep


Angie: You much have sped right through law school, then…


Xavier: Anyone can do it


(Whets his problem?)


He stared across the room


Angie: Uh, so…


Xavier: …


(Well it looks like my lucky streak is officially over)


We finally left the bar


Xavier: Good night


Angie: thanks for tonight, Xavier, It was really…nice


Xavier: sure


My head was jumbled all the way back


(I don’t see it… he was being so nice before I turned down that drink. Did I say something that offended him?)


I tightly gripped the strap of my bag and tromped down the street


(Maybe he’s just a jerk! But then why did he even bother asking me out?)



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