Under The Water

Under the water is where i will go for my next assignment. I wonder what it will be this time. Last time i was to kill some one. Maybe i can just go get someone else. I wish i didn't go under the water.


7. chapter7

Jasons pov

i woke up to a slam. Hmm must be security of course. But i go and check on emma anyways. I open her door a crack but couldnt see anything. So i opened it more and found that her bed was empty and her key wasnt anywhere to be found.

I ran out the bedroom door and to the front door. I open it quietly. I step out and almost step on a dark figure. I realized that it was Emma. When i shock her she didnt wake but then i heard something around the corner so i picked Emma's small body and took her inside. When i put her on her he rown bed she wouldnt let go of my neck. So i got in bed with her. All i could remember was the movment of her breath Against my chest.

The next morning


I slowly opened my eyes and saw that there was someone next to me. I felt my arms around his hard chest. I quickly jumped out of the bed and sat on the floor, trying to remember how this happened.

"Good your awake. Now i can ask you someth-"

" no your going to tell me why your sleeping in my bed with me?"

" well last night you got up and walked outside so i went and got you, put you back in your bed but then you wouldnt let go of my neck. So i just got into bed so i didnt wake you up."

"Is that all?"

"Yeah except for the part where we made out"


"Kidding!" He put his hands up, like he was inisinte.

I threw a pillow at his head and went to the kitchen. Hey they filled the fridge. I should thank them sometime.

"Hey by the way what did you want to ask me?"

"What did you dream of last night?"

"i was walking to this pond where i used to go when i was younger, why?"

"Because an hour after we went to sleep you kept saying not the water not the water!!!  It kinda freajed me out because when i tried to wake you up you didnt. I was about to call some one when you just said, im sorry kyle"

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