Under The Water

Under the water is where i will go for my next assignment. I wonder what it will be this time. Last time i was to kill some one. Maybe i can just go get someone else. I wish i didn't go under the water.


8. chapter 8

Emma's pov

After what jason said i was defiantly sure i was crazy. I didnt really have a dream last night i just didnt want to say that i saw a pond With people under it. I dont know whats happening i mean i dont wven remember the car crash. But i dont want to tell him because he might might tell the the institute. I dont want to be here any longer then needed.

"Im talking a shower" 

"Ok im going down to get breakfast"

"I wouldnt do that if i was you"

"Why not?"

"Because all of the patients will be eating down there"

"Ok ill have them bring food up"


Jasons pov

  Im still kinda worried about Emma because i lied about the kyle thing.  But she took it seriously so i dont know if i shoould tell her i was kidding or not. Nah i wont because i want to see what happens happens next.

(Emma pov)

I go to take a shower but when i turned the water on before taking my clothes off. I black out.

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