Under The Water

Under the water is where i will go for my next assignment. I wonder what it will be this time. Last time i was to kill some one. Maybe i can just go get someone else. I wish i didn't go under the water.


5. chapter 5

As i walk to the bathroom i take a look in the mirror. I look terrible. My blue eyes are sagging.

I take my brush out of my bag and brush through all my tangles of dark brown hair. I strip down to take a shower then i turn the water on. When i turned the knob water wouldnt come on, then i noticed why,you needed the key to turn it on. I wrap up in a towel and go to the living room when i realised that jason was still here, in my room. He was watxhing t.v. when i walked in. 

"Did you notice that you need a key to turn on everyth-?"

" yeah even the shower"

He noticed that im in a towel and looks down.

"Hello, Jason my mouth is up here!!??"

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