Under The Water

Under the water is where i will go for my next assignment. I wonder what it will be this time. Last time i was to kill some one. Maybe i can just go get someone else. I wish i didn't go under the water.


4. chapter 4


I get out of the car and grab my bags from the back seat. 

I look at the seven story high building.I take my luggage and walk up to the front door. As i walk into the lobby i see the boy in the lobby. He walks up to me.


"Hi, by the way i never got your name"

"Oh yeah im jason steers. I just thought that sence i was the one who crashed into you and made you come here that i would stay here to with you,is that ok?"

Even though it was weird i agreed and he helped me carry my luggage to the front desk.

"Hi im Emma Lawrson, im checking in until my docter says i can go home."

"Ah yes come this way"

She scanned the card and opened the door to the left. Jason and I followed. After we got off the elevator she took me to a room with black letters that said room 162 . Jason set my luggage down as we stopped in the doorway.

"Heres your key i hope that you wont have any problems because then we will need to take away your key and lock you in here." She laughed and walked away.

"This is going to be fun" i muttered. 


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