Under The Water

Under the water is where i will go for my next assignment. I wonder what it will be this time. Last time i was to kill some one. Maybe i can just go get someone else. I wish i didn't go under the water.


3. chapter 3

I open my eyes to find my body stiff. I can tell there is somebody else in the room but I just close my eyes because of the bright lights.

"Your awake finally."

"What do you mean finally?"

"You were in a car accident"

" oh", I say quietly, i then open my eyes and look around the room and acknowledge that I was in a hospital room.

I look at me feet to see an ankle brace. Then at my arms, and see a line of stiches on my left arm i had 12 in counting. When i turn to see the boy that spoke i felt a sharp pain in the back of my head.

"Ouch" i gasp.

The docter comes in and examined the paper work.The boy leaves the room.

"You have severe brain trauma. But other then that you have a sprained ankle and stitches on your left arm."

"Will i die?"

"No you just need to stay in Clear Water meantal institution for a couple days."

"Well how many days is a couple?"

"as many days until all the tests are done,and then you can go home."

" ok"

" Yes it was nice to to meet you Emma Lawrson"

"Yeah you too."

I get up and shake his hand.

He leaves the room and and closes the door behind him to let me get dressed.

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