They dont know about us


2. Wow, Just wow.

A week later

Louis POV:

I walked into the lunchroom and I spot Ashley sitting in Harry's lap while they are talking to their friends. The table was mixed with Jocks and some people I've seen in the halls before but never spoke to. Ashley spotted me and smiled and waved me over to her. I smiled and made my way over to her. On my way i spotted Eleanor kissing some guy on my football team. Well that didn't take long! I obviously still love her but she changed big time! before we broke up....she was very distant and i knew deep down that we were through. It hurt at first but then i got used to the idea. 

" ok? you're spacing out."  Ashley nudged me. 

"I was just.......thinking..." i replied. 

"well, if you need to talk, I'm here, I know Harry doesn't always understand, but whatever it is....I'm here ok?"  she whispers in my ear. I see why Harry is madly in love with her know! 

"Hey Harry, can i borrow Ashley for a minute?" I ask him.

"Sure!" he says smiling wildly. 

I pull Ashleys arm and drag her out of the cafeteria and into the Hallway.

"Ashley, i just wanted to say sorry, I knew she has been bullying you for the past couple of months and i didn't do anything and i really really hope we can be really good friends and i know we don't really talk but i feel like for some reason i can tell you anything and i can trust you and i really don't have that besides harry but we haven't talked much lately..."

"LOU! calm down, your rambling! Of course we can be friends! and i have trust issues and i feel like i can tell you anything also! and no need to apologize! I'm fine!!" she says giggling. Damn that giggle is cute! like a baby Giraffe you have to bottle feed! 

" just call me Lou?" i ask.

"YA! uhh..i thought....never mind i guess were not at the.."

"Shutup i love it! literally nobody has called me that!" i yell.

"OK! well Lou, you wanna come to my house to study?" she asks.

"Sure! right after school?" i ask 

"YES! now lets go before Harry gets ideas!' she say laughing at her own joke. 

Ashleys POV:

We walk into the cafeteria and Harry is missing. Odd. Oh well. I look over at Lou who seems deep in thought. I wonder what he is thinking. He knows he can tell me anything. I know its wierd, but i feel whats the word, ummm, complete!! thats it!! I feel complete with him. Which is weird because we only just met.....maybe i'm just going crazy. 

"Hey Lou, what are you thinking about?" i asked as we sat down at the table again. 

"I'll tell you later" he says and runs out of the cafeteria. Weird. 

"Did you miss me when i was gone babe?" i heard Harry's husky voice in my ear.

"Yes for the whole 2 minutes you were gone boo." i reply in a mocking tone. 

"Wheres Louis?"

"I don't know, we came back and sat down and he was staring off into space so i asked him what was wrong and he said that he will tell me later and then walked out, i'm worried, i dont know whats wrong." i said rambling like a mad man. 

"Maybe he just wants to be alone, just wait till tutoring ok? Babe, lunch is over, we need to get to class before we're late." he says and holding out his hand to 

"K" i say taking his hand. As we walk to my class he is telling me some story about some guys on his football team and i was side tracked. I replayed what happened 2 weeks ago with her. 

I realized that, there has to be something wrong with me if she picks on me everyday, if she bullies me.....

"Harry, great story, but i have to go to the bathroom, I'll see you after school, ok?" i say and kiss his cheek. He smiles and nods. I decide to skip my next class and walk around the school. I walked to a part of the school nobody is. I walk into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror and all i saw were flaws. My Hair is flat, i have some acne, my smile looks fucked up, my teeth look weird, and i'm just an ugly blob. I took some steps back and i'm not fat at all, i used to be though.....when i was little, and its gone know, but my but is huge for a white gil! Its just all muscles though...awkward, thats the word!!! I look awkward! no wonder she bullies me. No wonder all of her friends and her hate me!! and HARRY Loves out of everyone in this school, he can have anyone and decides to love me. 

"um, excuse me missy, what do you think you're doing?" a familiar voice said.

"Umm, looking at myself in a mirror, what the hell does it look like." i replied cocky.

"that's it! you have detention for the rest of this week!" she yells. Damn, she needs a fucking life! all she does is give me detentions or calls my parents and they don't even care what she has to say anymore! But liam.....he will be disappointed in me. i hate it when he gives me that face! I feel so crushed! and...its funny cause...OH! y'all don't know what i'm talking about! Ok! I got adopted by the Payne family when i was about 10. Liam is very protective over me because of my past. I don't remember if i said this before but My dad abused me. Anyways, me and Liam are the same age, actually my birthday is September 1st, only 2 days after him! I love him so much! Anyways, since i came here, Harry,Liam and me have been the bestest of friends until me and Harry became more than friends. About 6 months ago is when all of that happened!! Anyways, we decided to wait and see were things lead, but then El started bullying he said that we should wait until she cools down, but it just got worse! He thought he was protecting me.....but it really hurt. When we first started high school they met some Louis dude, but i never had a class with him. They kinda replaced me, but it was fine because i had other friends. Notice had! When El started to bully me, she bribed my friends and they joined her "POSSE" and know i only have Harry and Liam. Well, know i kinda have Lou also. Since that El thing happened and me and Harry came out, me and Lou have been inseparable. Its like were joined at the hip.  Actually today was the day me and Harry have had a actual conversation! I'm either busy with Lou or he is busy with some of his friends. Or thats what he tells me. Oh well, I have my LouBear know!  I heard his mom call him boobear when we were hanging at the park and she called him. He was so embarrassed and asked me not to call him boobear, so know i call him Loubear! Know i have my Loubear,My Lili and Harry! wow, i dont have a nickname for Harry! oh well, its not like he even cares. He doesn't even care if today was the first day that we have talked in a week. But, To be honest, neither do I. I haven't even really thought about him until we sat by each other at lunch.  

Thats when I hear yelling in the hall. I run out of the bathroom and its a sight i wish i would have never seen.

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