They dont know about us


4. well thats unexpected

Ashleys POV:

After the cops got done questioning me and asking for a statement me and my parents go straight to the hospital. 

"Liam Payne please." i stated at the nurses desk. 

"Room 232 hun." she says in a sad tone. I don't need anyone's pity! Mom and Dad went home to pack some of his things just incase he has to stay overnight. So, i decided to walk to the hospital. Im in the elevator and here the ding indicating that I'm on the floor.  227 228 229 230 231 232  

I walk in and Liam's lifeless body is laying there unmoving. 

"He is in a coma. When he hit the floor he got a concussion and during surgery something happened and the best we could do is is put him in a coma, no telling when he is going to wake up. You can talk to him and I'm pretty sure that he can here you, but he wont respond, I'm sorry."  says a female  in a sad voice. 

She leaves me and i go up to the chair by Liams bed and stare at him. I have tons to say but i don't know were to start. So i get up and run out of the room. I cant do it. tears start brimming my eyes but i dont care. I dial louis number and he answers right away.

"L-Louis, c-c-can you-u c-com-m-e-e pick me u-up-p f-from-m the h-h-hosp-p-it-al-l, w-we sh-shou-should s-s-stud-dy." i say choking on my own tears. 

"Of course carebear, i'll be there in a few" 

and then the line goes dead. Liam calls me Carebear or Ashbear, but i prefer carebear, because my middle name is did Louis find out? Oh well, just think about Columbus sailing the seven Seas for Louis. We haven't even really studied. We do it for like 30 minutes than we either start getting off topic, play the WII or he decides to find new tickle spot on me. That boy will do anything not to study.  I see louis pulling up in his jeep and i chuckle, that thing is adorable. I jump in and louis looks at me, 

"Ready to study some Columbus?"  he ask smirking. 

"I was just thinking that before you pulled up!"  i say giggling. Great minds do think alike. 

Where  did i go wrong?

I lost a friend somewhere along in the bitterness,

and if i stayed up with you all night, 

Then I'd know, how to save a life

My phone rings. Harrys picture pops up and i groan. 


"Hello," i said in an annoyed tone

"Hey, Ashley............"

"what is wrong Harold?!" i say in a stern voice. 

"'s Li?" he asks

"Not like you care, your the one that put him in a coma and broke his leg." i say flatly

"So, He's not up?" 

"No, but i think it should be the other way around! How could you do that! You threw the first punch, why?! What where ya'll arguing about?"

"Put it on speaker phone." Louis whispers.

I put it on speaker phone and then Harry starts getting angry.


"You okay?" Louis asks.

"Other than the fact my brother is in the hospital than ya, I'm ok." i say flatly, "Harry only says shit when he is mad, he doesn't mean it, and its ok, I'm used to the verbal abuse anyways." And then Louis stays silent. His face goes hard and no emotion in his eyes. His knuckles are whiter than casper on christmas as he is gripping the steering wheel. 

"Have ya'll made love?" he asks me bluntly. 

"umm........ i dont know how to answer that...." i answer 

"What do you mean?" he asks nervously. 



Me and Harry have been dating for 6 months and its been AMAZING!!! Except when he has those moments when his eyes go black and then no telling what happens. Its like something takes over him and he cant control it. ANYWAYS!!!!! I have a buttload of homework and i'm home alone! AND IT"S ALGEBRA!!!! i suck at math.....fudge! 

Knock Knock

Harry is on my balcony and my doors are locked. 

"Let me in babe" he says smirking

'Ok, but only for a few minutes, I have a ton of homework." i say while unlocking the door. As soon as i open one of the doors, he walks in and kisses me. It was sweet at first but then he deepens the kiss. He closes the door with his right foot and then i pull away breathless. 

"H-Harry, i need to do my work" i say stepping back. 

"It won't take long babe." he says. Without letting me answer he pushes me to the bed and straddles me.He starts leaving light kisses all over my neck until he found my sweet spot. An Innvoluntary moan comes out and he smirks and starts leaving a purple mark on =y skin.

"H-Harry, S-stop-p Im not R-read-dy." i say pushing him off of me. His eyes go black and  get scared. 

"What the hell ever!!!! I'll just find some blonde bimbo to fuck than! I wanted to make love to you because I fucking love you but you obviously dont, so bye! I'll see you later i guess!!!" he says and jumps off the bed. Without thinking i get up and slap him across the face. 

"Did you just threaten to cheat on me with a blonde bimbo!!!!!! what the hell is wrong with you!!!! so much for love huh?!" i yell at him. this is the part of him i don't love. I love the sweet,caring part. Not this monster. 

"Fuck you!!" he says and pushes me. I stumble back and fall on the ground. He death glares me. His eyes are completley black. Nogoing back until he gets what he wants..... 

"H-Harry, i ch-chang-ge my m-mind-d" i say and he smirks. 

"Go lay on the bed, it will only take 3 minutes. 

End of Flashback

"And he was right, i wasnt ready, and the next day he didn't remember a thing. or so he told me. But after that he wouldn't even look at me for the next week and a half...."

"So, that bastard forced you basically, you had no choice......" he says getting angrier, We had just pulled into the driveway. 

"lou, it was a long time ago and he doesn't even realize it. To be honest i could care less about him right know........I'm getting tired of his bullshit....Its always something, After we came out, he didnt even try to talk to me until lunch today before the fight.....and really, i liked it..." i said.

"KNOW LETS GO STUDY!!!!" i yell jumping out of the car. He chuckles and walks up to the door with me. He walks in and jumps on my back. 

"PIGGY BACK RIDE!!!!!" he yells. 

"Ok." i say smirking. 

He has a pool in his has he not any brins when it comes to me......i wonder. 

I gallop to his back door and i see his eyes get big.

"YOU WOULDNT!" he says

I go to the edge and turn m back to it.

"Oh, i would!' i say an letting go of him. he didn't let go of my shoulders so i fell back on him in his pool. I swim up and start laughing. 

"Know whose the smart one!" he says when he comes up from the water. I giggle and swim the other way. 

"Oh no you don't just ignore The Sassmatsa of Doncasta!" he says snapping a Z formation when i come back up. I giggle and blew him a kiss. 

"Oh, but i can." i say smirking. Then running out of the pool and running into his house dripping wet.  I locked his back door and he comes up bagning on it. 

I laugh and unlock it and storms in. 

"CaAREBEAR....." he says sternly. 

"Yes LouBear....." i say sweetly and bat my eyelashes. 

"Say im the bestest coolest hottest sweetest guy on the planet!" he says stepping closer to me. 

"NEVER!" i say and then he charges at me. I slip and fall on my butt and then fall back laughing. Louis trips on me and lands right on top of me. 

Louis POV: 

I land on top of my carebear and start tickling he. 

"Say im the bestest ,coolest ,hottest, sweetest guy on the planet! and i will stop tickling you!"


"You asked for it!!" and then I tickle her harder and faster. 


I let go of her and stood u. 

"Damn straight i am!" 

"know, let me go get you a blanket and Tea then we need to study!" 

"kk, let me get the stuff out, VAMONOS!!!" she says clapping her hands. I chuckle and go into the kitchen. I come back with blankets and tea 10 minutes later. She is looking over our progress with the Tutoring the last 2 weeks and smiles. I wrap the blanket around her and hand her the tea. 

"Lou, how the hell are you failing if all the mini quizzes you did for me you got a 100% on?' she asks. 

"Well, im just a really bad tester, i get so worked up on whats going to happen if i fail that i don't think about it and rush through it....." i reply

"So, how about this, Every Time you have a quiz/test and you make above an 80% in class, I'll take you somewhere my treat?" she asks smirking.

'SOUNDS LIKE A DEAL!' i say and we shake hands. We slowly stop shaking hands and look into eachothers eyes. Her Big beautiful blue eyes have a little spark in them. I dont see it when she is with Harry, the little time i see them together. Thats what was bothering me at lunch. They lost the spark, there just playing relationship chicken. I think what Harry did 2 weeks ago was just for show. I really need to talk to somebody about this, Maybe Ashley would be easier to talk to.......

"Lou, we have less than a month to get your grade up and your teacher says taking a test every week will bump up your grade a shitload, so lets get to studying!" she says then takes a sip of her tea. 

2 ecrutionary hours long later 

"Are we done yet, my brain hurts..." i say whining. She giggles and outs her hand on my arms and looks into my eyes. My skin i burning at the touch of her! I feel fireworks shooting everywhere and butterflies in my stomach. Well, thats a first! I know she felt it to because she quickly took her hand away  and blushed furiously. 

" your adorable when you blush like that." i say without thinking. She blushes even harder and says 

"Only you can make me blush this hard Lou." and smirks. I love it when he calls me lou! its amazing.  I start blushing and she comes up really close to my ear. I could feel he hot breath on my neck. I gulp and she says

"You look adorable blushing also" and the pulls her face back and winks at me. 

I smirk and then i start to lean in closer and closer to her. She ds the same. I could feel her hot breath on my lips and then 


Where  did i go wrong?

I lost a friend somewhere along in the bitterness,

and if i stayed up with you all night, 

Then I'd know, how to save a life


Ashleys POV:

Were leaning in closer and closer to each other, neither of us planning on stopping. 

Where  did i go wrong?

I lost a friend somewhere along in the bitterness,

and if i stayed up with you all night, 

Then I'd know, how to save a life

My mom is calling me, i wonder whats up?

"Yello motha?" 

"The-theres s-some-thing wrong with Li, he-he's.........


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