They dont know about us


6. so.....whats going on?

(Before the kiss)

Ashleys POV:

As i walk to the cafeteria i decide to call Harry. I need to apologize. I was really rude, but i also need to beak up with him. I know it sucks to do it over the phone but, im done with him. I loved him at 1 point. But we lost that a long time ago. I've been having these weird dreams.   So, basically me and Louis are hanging out and then he gets mad at me, he  stands up and starts walking away. Before hes out of sight he turns around and says " I never loved you, you should've stayed with Harry, know you're all alone Ashley." and then i run screaming after him about how much i love him and how i cant live without him. Then, that night, I hang myself. Right before my final breath i wake up screaming. Its fucking scary. I told my mom about them and she concluded that i love him and i'm afraid to lose him because i have abandonment issues.  I dont think im in love with him though. Maybe a small crush but hats it. Bullshit you fucking love him. Shutup no i dont! yes you do!! am i really arguing with myself? Yes, you are Mrs. Tomlinson.  NO! wait, i need to call Harry. Damn ADHD getting me off track with your damn mind powers. 


"Hello?" harry picks up right away panting. Damn he picks up fast.

"Um, harry, can we talk? or are you busy?" i ask.

"No, we can talk, look, im sorry for what i said......"

" I think we should break up, it's not working." i state plainly. 

"Why?" he asks, "Why all of the sudden?" 

"Harry, we where apart for a week and i could care less what happened to you or what you were doing and if i feel that i know for a FACT that you didn't care either. Plus, its really awkward between us......and i don't know if i can handle your random moments when your eyes go dark and its like your not even there anymore." i say letting a breath out that i didn't know i was holding in. 

"Its louis isnt it?! HE STOLE YOU FROM ME!" he screams in the  phone. 

"NO! he didn't steal me from you!theres nothing between us! its not working ok?! just deal with it!" i yell. 

"ok, babe were are you?" he asks in a slightly calmer voice. 

"Umm, stalker much?" i aske and he chuckles. 

"were are you?" he asks chuckling.

"No were, bye Harold, I have to go." i say. Im done with this. 

"what do you have?" i ask, "Its for my brother, he's a patient here." i ask. 

"His name?"she asks walking to the computer and motioning me over. 

"Liam Payne, L-I-A-M, P-A-Y-N-E." i spell out for her. 

"I can spell, im not stupid."she glares at me. Well somebody's about to get punched. I smirk as she goes back to make his meal. She comes back and slams the tray and food flies. There a spoon and i know how much my Libear is terrified of spoons. 

"can i have a fork, Liams afraid of spoons." i ask giving her the spoon. She glares at me and throws the fork at me. "Next time it;ll be a knife." she smirks and then laughs.

"You don't have he balls." i say as her face goes white. I walk back to Li's room.

(Back to the part were ash+lou confess love for eachother and then kiss) 

Liams POV: 

I wake up to Ashley and Louis. Ashley grabs Louis by the shirt and kisses him. 

"What the hell?!" i say and Ashley jumps back from Louis who looks at me and then her puzzled.

"I-I-I- got t-to g-go, I'll see you tomorrow Liam." he says looking at the ground like its the most interesting thing in the world and speed walks out of the room. 

"Ashley what about Harry?" Liam looks at me. i look down at my hands. I hate it when he uses that tone. 

"I broke up with him today while i went to go get your Lunch....." i mutter. 



"You love the man who just walked out of the room." i state completely cutting her off.

"Ok, ok i think, no i KNOW i love him but you can't tell him, he obviously doesn't." he voice cracks at the end of the sentence. I pull back into the bed and she snuggles up close to me. These love birds just need to realize that there perfect for eachother. 

"Ashley, describe Louis to me like i'm a blind man and you want me to know him..." 

"OK? well..lets see, He has brown feathery hair and amazing blue eyes! that have this fire in them that i can't describe. When he is sad they go gray and you can only tell by his eyes. Or when he gets really excited his eyes go like and...whats the word, ummm, ELECTRIC! YA, electric blue and the fire in his eyes are just, amazing. You can tell what he feels just by looking in his eyes. and he has big biceps, and a big arse, JUST SAYING, and he his pretty tan, he usually wear striped shirts. skinny jeans, toms and suspenders which is so adorable and when he gets nervous he bites his bottom lip, he also does that when he is thinking. He doesn't care for the spotlight but when its on him he shows off. I love it when i just need someone and he is automatically there. I love his hair, i love his eyes, i love his style, i love his personality, i just love it all" she says finishing her rant about Louis. 

"Dayum girl you got it hard!" i says sassily. 

but she didnt hear me because she is sound asleep with a smile on her face. 



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