They dont know about us


1. prologue

Louis POV:

"TOMLINSON!!!!" i heard my coach yell. oh no, this cant be good! Oh, sorry i'm being terribly rude! I'm Louis Tomlinson Quarterback of the Raiders. i live in Texas but i moved from Doncaster!!! Crazy! i know! My mom thought it would be a fresh start. You see, her and my dad got divorced the summer when you transfer from middle school to high school. Bad timing but its ok. At least they are happy know. Anyways, she decided to leave the country in the spur of the moment! Yay! notice the sarcasm. Ha! But I'm happy I moved know because I met Eleanor my love! 

"Hey, Loubear you might wanna get out of fantasy land and see what the coach wants. He looks pissed." Harry told me. Harry is my mate! you see, I'm a junior know. I'm the youngest Quarterback in football high school history!  Harry is more of a basketball type. He doesn't  like football but he is there for me. 

"Ok, thanks Hazzabear!" I said ruffling his curly mop hair.

I walk away from my locker and into coaches office. 

"Shut the door" he states coldly. Oh shit! what did i do!? 

I shut the door and slowly took a seat right in front of his desk. 

"You needed to speak to me coach?"  i asked nervously.

"Yes, have you seen your latest grade in history?" he ask calmly. 

"Ummm, no, but we did just have a test recently, and i studied all night for it." i stated.

"Well, you got an F on the test and your grade average is at 57% know, if you want to play at the big Playoffs, then your grade needs to be improved. I suggest a tutor, because i know how hard you work.....heres the time of the first session. She is in your grade. Her name is Ashley....Meet her in room 203, ok?" he instructed. 

"ok coach, whatever out think is best." i muttered and walked out. 

Later that day

"Babe, Everyday after school until around 6 i have tutoring, so im going to miss our dates." i tell El. 

"Ya, cool whatever...." she said completely ignoring me. She has been distant lately.

"Ewwww!!! Look at the fat ass walking by us!!! hey, peice of advice.....its called dont eat...infact, might as well kill yourself, its not like anybody would care, we all would  be better off" El said to some girl walking by us. She wasn't fat at all! She was very Beautiful actually. I She looked at me with tears running down her big blue eyes. 

"EL! what the hell is wrong with you?!" i whispered yelled

She just scoffed at me and walked away. Ok, whats her deal today?!

I turn around to see her run into the girls bathroom. Then i see harry run in after her. That's weird. I didn't know he knew her. I ran towards the girls bathroom and put my ear up to the door. 

"H-arry, a-am w-would y-ou c-c-care i-i-if i d-d-ied?" she asked stuttering. 

"Ashley! of course i would! your the best thing that has happened to me since i started this dump they call a school!" he whisper yells. 

"T-then w-why are w-we a s-s-ec-er-et?" she asked him very shyly.

"Because i thought i was protecting you, until today that is...." he said. Is` he crying?! Harry never cries!! this girl must be special. I can keep a secret, why wouldn't he tell me? 

"Ashley, i love you, infact come on right know!" i here him. Shit! he is going to come out of the bathroom. I run back o my locker and i pretend to be looking through my locker. 

"EVERYBODY PAY ATTENTION!" Harry yells. People stop and look at the yelling guy. 

"This girl, Ashley, Is my girlfriend!!! I LOVE HER!!!!" he announces and turns to her and passionately kisses her. 

"Harry probably just feels bad for that slut!!! Thats not love!" I here El yell at her. They pull away an Harrys face turns red. 

"What the fuck?! why do you have to sit here and bully me day in and out?! are you obsessed with me?! huh?" Ashley yells. 

"Fuck you!" El says

"No thanks, thats Harrys job bitch!" Ashley yells back. Harrys face turns into a beet red. 

"HA! slut! your just a fake bitch!" El yells. A bunch of ohhhs come from the crowd forming around them. 

"Ha! your so fake barbie is jealous!" Ashley laughs. Everyone erupts into laughter. 

"Says the girl who needs to pay Harry to be in bed with her!" she yells back. 

"Honey, at least i ain't at the corner every night! it cost more to but a piece of gum from dollar general then to buy you off the corner!" she yells back!

"Says the fatty! Harry is your charity work over yet?" She says. That is it!


"oh Louis, your very funny, know come hold me back before i beat the shit put of that thing right infront of me." she states. 

"were through! im so done with you!! I dont love you anymore! and by the way, Your not good in bed either!" i yelled at her, her face was as white as a ghost. "Come one Harry and Ashley, lets get to class!" i yelled and walked right past El. 

As we walked to class dropping off Harry, Ashley pulls me aside.

" Hey, thanks for helping me back there, nobody ever stands up for me, and sorry i ruined your relationship." she states looking down. 

I put my finger under her chin and lift her head up so her eyes meet mine. 

"You didn't ruin my relationship, she did, ok?" i stated. 

"OK!" she says with her eyes lighting up with a spark in them. 

"Hey, Louis right?" she asks 

"Yes" i chuckled. 

"well, Louis, Your Harrys best friend, i think he loves you as much as he loves me!" she laughed. 

"I still cant believe my Hazzabear is cheating on me!" i faked hurt. 

"Ha! your funny. " she says laughing

"We shousl hang out, you know, for Harrys sake...." i state. 

"OK! but i have to tutor some guy until ^ everyday after school, so maybe this weekend?" she asks. 

"What are helping the student with?" i asked

"History." she states. My eyes bulge.

"Your tutoring me!" i yell. 

"No way! small world! Well here, this is my number, so we can talk and also its easier for me with all the students i tutor!" she says smiling big. her smile is very beautiful. 

'OK! thanks! this is my class, I have to go! I'll text you though! see you tomorrow!"i say hugging her. 

"Ok! bye!" she says hugging me back. She pulls back and then we go our separate ways. 



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