They dont know about us


5. I should have known

Ashleys POV: 

"WHAT ABOUT LI?" i ask interrupting her. 

"J-Just get t-to th-the h-hos-spital." she says and hangs up. I look at were Lou was sitting but he isn't there. I walk into the kitchen to see him grabbing his car keys from his crazy hiding spot and without a word, he gabs my hand and walks out the door. It was quiet on the way to the hospital. Im so scared. I start biting my lip unconsciously and tap my foot. I do that when I'm nervous or scared and right now, I'm both.  He  turns to look at me and pulls the car over. 

"Lou what are you-" i was caught off by Lou.

"Carebear, Don't be nervous, everything will turn out fine. Know stop biting your lip, thats going to be job later." he says winking with a smirk on his face. I go beet red and just nod my head. He gets back on the road and we arrive at the Hospital shortly. We quietly go up to Liam's room and i stop. 

'L-Lou i-i cant do it, y-you go f-first." i mumble and push him through the door. He goes in and looks shocked. He turns around with fear written all over his face. he motions me to come in and i slowly walk to him. i close my eyes and faces liams bed. i opened them and liam is sitting up right and smirking at me. I scream and jump up and down with tears running down my face. HES OK!!!!! I jump on top of louis and hug him. I get down and then i realized he tricked me. 

"HEY! you tricked me." i said pouting. then i start to fake cry. 

"I-i th-thought som-something b-bad h-happend y-you b-bloke.' i say with hands covering my eyes and tears streaming down my face. 

"CAREBEAR! dont cry! il make it up to you!! ill get your a kitty!!" he says trying to cheer me up. I do like cats. I stop and look up at him and smile.

"Dont forget my cat mister!" i say sternly and then Liam chuckles. 

"Ya'll are to cute" h says making Louis blush mad and cause me to giggle. 

then liams face gets serious and stern. 

"why is he calling you carebear! thats MY nickname!! and how come you haven't  gotten your arse over here to hug your brother! do you not care anymore?! i see, i cant believe this..." he says looking down at his hands. I  a pang of guilt when he says that. Tears start falling from his eyes. 

"LIBEAR!!! dont you cry!! ill take you to the movies once we get out of this hell hole ok?! how about this me and you have a whole weekend together! we haven't done that in FOREVS!!" i say. Im hoping that that cheers him up. Then he looks up at me and smirks. NO WAY! he used my trick against me! 

"Your good." i say stroking my imaginary beard.

"Where's my hug!" he says holding out his arms. I giggle and literally jump into his arms. 

"Ugh, carebear, i missed youuuu!" he says hugging me tightly. "Me to libear."  i say sighing. I love his hugs. Theyre so protective and loving at the same time. Louis hugs are WAY better though. Of course ill never tell li that.  I dont know but something about louis hugs just make me want to stay in his arms forever. Harrys hugs are just awkward. Infact, our whole relationship is just awkward. The only time it was ok was right before he told everyone were together. in the bathroom when we were talking, it wasnt awkward then. infact, are we even still together anymore. I dont know anymore. 

"Libear why were you and Harry fighting?" i asked. His face goes rock hard but he doesn't answer. 

"Why did you call him Harry instead of Hazza?' he retorts. 

"Because me and him have been drifting apart latley. and i just realized that our relationship is awkward." i state. and he just nods. 

"Ashley go get me some food from the cafeteria? im gonna talk to Louis." he states and i just get up and walk out. I know its serious when he calls me Ashley instead of carebear. This also means he is hiding something. Im gonna find out what.

Louis POV:

"Ashley go get me some food from the cafeteria? im gonna talk to Louis." Liam says. She gets up and walks out without a word. Gosh she is so beautiful. I just wish she would break up with Harry. "you like ashley" Liam states. Not even a question. Wow am i that obvious. 

"Yes, you are and its ok because i like you with her, not Harry, that bloke cheated in her with the one and only skank of the year Eleanor." he says tightening his fist. FIRST THAT ARSE RAPES  HER AND KNOW HE CHEATS ON HER!!!!!! 

"Liam, we need to get back at that fucking man whore, he is not my friend anymore. Im done with him and e=anything to do with him! and yes, you're right, i do like Ashley, more than i should but i know she doesn't feel the same way as me so im just going to move on." i say my anger replaced with sadness.  

"Tell me about her. Act like i don't know her and your describing her to me.' he says. 

"ok.....well let me start with her appearance. She has long brown wavy hair that she hates but loves at the same time.He big blue eyes sparkle when she is happy. But when she is sad they go gray and her eyes go glassy and i would do anything in the world for her not to be like that. Its so sad. Theres no spark in them. When you cheer her up her eyes are an electric blue and its so adorable. She is skinny no doubt about it. She does have a big arse though i wouldn't do anything......anyways! her personality i LOVE! she is like......A KOALA BEAR!!! so soft and adorable and sweet but don't make it mad she will get you one way or another. she doesn't like attention and she feels as if she doesn't deserve it but she does. she will stand up for herself and doesn't take anyone's crap, unless she feels its not needed. she can take care of herself but you know when she just needs  some there to take her mind off of things. I love it. I love all of it. She is the reason i look forward to going to school and to study! she brightens up my day with a smile. And when she calls me lou, lou bear, or boobear i just get tingles in my stomach. Whenever our skin makes contact theres a spark going through us. An electrical current even. And when we stop making contact my skin burns.  i've only known her for 2 weeks but it feels like i've known her my whole life. I've never had this feeling before. and i dont know whats going on but i like it and i hope it stays this way." i say finishing m little ramble. 

"I think you love her." liam says smiling. "I know its only been 2 weeks, but if you asked an engaged guy to describe his partner he would ramble about her to." 

"I...I don't think she loves me back though>" i say looking down at the ground. suddenly finding my toms very interesting. 

"I think she does...ill find out for you if you want?" he asks and i nod. 

"Hey li, got you your food." ashley walks in with glassy eyes and a smile. Liam smiles and scoots over. 

"I'll just go..."

i say and start to walk out

"no stay!!!" ashley says with a puppy dog face. how the hell could i say no to that. Without saying a word i sit down on the chair. 

2 hours later 

Ashley and liam fell asleep in the bed and they look to cute to wake up. I take a picture. Ill send it to them laterz. Before i walk out i kiss her in the cheek. 

"Good night carebear, I love you." i whisper. thats the first and probably last time i'll ever get to say it to her. 

"Louis, i love you, please don do this." she says in her sleep. Her face looks scared. then she jerks up and looks at me. without saying anything she kisses me and i kiss back. 

"What the hell?!" a familiar voice booms.

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