They dont know about us


7. Even if it kills me

Louis POV:

I couldn't sleep last night. after she kissed me..I's all I think about. The fireworks and the feelings I was having were indescribable. Know I crave for her lips online so that feeling can come back. It's 7:29 a.m. On a Saturday. I'm going back to the hospital. Maybe she is still there. Or maybe Liam got to talk to her and then I'll know what was going through her head. I wanna know if she thinks it's a mistake or not..oh I hope not. I drag myself out of bed and just through on a random shirt and a beanie with high tops. To lazy and exhausted to even try. I grab my keys and leave a note on the table for my mum. Grab a carrot and know I'm driving to the hospital. Let's put on some tunes.


I used to bite my tongue and hold my breath....


You, with you words like knifes and swords and weapons...


Living young and wild and free....


Nothing on! I guess I'll just make one up myself.


" every time we to-o-ouch, I get this kind of ru-u-ush! Baby say ya ya ya ya,ye-ea yea, yea,ya ya, and LET ME KISS YOU!" I finish walking into Liam's hospital bed. I laugh at the sight I see! I love it! Ashley is all sprawled out on li!! Ok, I need to do something. An experiment!

"Ashybear! Carebear! Love wake up" I chuckle shaking her slight. Her eyes flutter open and she looks at me and blushes.

"Come on" I say grabbing her hand and pulling her off the bed. I drag her into a janitors closet and locked it. I turn on the light and look at her confused face.

"Lou what's go..." I shush her by pushing her against the wall and kissing her. Her hands go to the back of my neck and lightly tugs hair. I moan into her nought and she giggles. She pulls harder and I groan into her mouth. I pull her waist closer toe and shove my tongue into her mouth. She smiles as our tongues are doing the tango. Fireworks are non-stop. We do this until were out of breath. We pull away a little flushed and she giggles and hands me my beanie. I didn't realize she took it off. I chuckle and that's when she kisses me and pushes me against the door. I pull her waist close and she goes back to tugging my hair. I take my hands and lightly move them up and down her lower back and then slightly put them under her short. She slowly moves her hand down my back giving me shivers and puts her hands under my shirt. She goes over my barley see able abbs and lightly races them. My butterflies are AMAZING! I pull off her shirt and she pulls off of mine. Before things go further I stop. She gives a questionably look and I go to put my beanie and shirt back on and walk out. I have a little....problem......she calls my name and I turn around. All I say is" man troubles babe, I'll be in Liam's room in a lil while just wait there live ok?" And she miss understanding and I walk into the bathroom.

10 minutes later I'm back in Liam's room am we're all chatting away. Ashley goes to get us breakfast and know it's just me and Liam.

"Lou, I know you love her, and she loves you, but she is too I have an idea.......but"

"Hey guys here is your breakfast! Lou can I talk to you in the hallway?" She asks walking out of the hallway. I follow and she says

"Lou, we can't keep doing this......." She says and then grabs the back of my head and kisses me. I pull her waist to mine as she brings her other hand to my hair. She pulls away and says,

"We should go out tonight, like a....."

"Sis, you can't go clubbing without me!" Liam says smirking. She starts to blush and then she remarks

"Oh, well Karina's really misses you! So it can be a double date!!" She jumps excitedly and Louis face turns beet red.

"Aww Lou, you ok?" She asks giggling.

"Ya babe, just let me talk to li really quick!"

She nods and walks back into the room.

"I wanna take her somewhere before we go clubbing......but idk what?!" I say frantically

"How's bout you take her to dinner before we go?" He says.

"That's a good idea!!!"

"Louis!!!!!! Liam!!! I'm leaving to go get Latina and go shopping!!!!!!!" She says running past us.

"How are you going to do that with no money?" I scream

"You'll see" she says winking and then walking into to the elevator.

i reach behind my pocket and my wallets gone! She has my credit card!

" hello Louis." Harry's voice rings.

Harry's POV:

" hello Louis." my voice rings.

"do you need something?" louis asks obviously annoyed at my presence.

" i saw that kiss, and i see why she left me, but you see, she won't go out with you. she was like this with me before we dated, but I'm afraid that ive hurt her to bad, so she won't just go with you. shes to afraid." i state. I loved her,but then El came along. she really isn't that bad. Before the fight me and Liam had, i was going to break up with Ashley. I could tell there was no spark anymore. 

"well, i had a plan to write her a song, but idk were to start. I'm so tired I'm gonna go home and sleep!" Louis says and grabs his keys and leaves. 

"listen liam, I'm really sorry about everything."  i say. all he does is look at the ground and shake his head. I messed up big time. I have a plan, and I'm gonna go through with it. Even if it kills me.



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