Where did I go wrong?

this is about how the song 'How to save a life' ( The Fray ) has a meaning to me, its not go the happiest reasons but its a song that's really special to me


3. thoughts on music

In this world we are judged by what music we like, but with the music we like we find some people who we like and some people that we love, music does great things for people, it brings back memories, it makes memories. It lets people escape from their lifes when it isn't going as good as they want it too.  Music is such a wonderful thing, no one really realises what music does until they are upset and they actually listen.   If people in the world just stopped and took time to listen to music or to what people have to say, The world would be a better place.  Music is something everyone loves because there are lots of different types of genre's like there is lots of different people so once you find the music that's right for you, you will always have something to rely on and its something fun and its something people make a living out of, so it also benefits people in lots of different ways. So the next time a good song comes on, just stop what you're doing and just listen, and if you have to, even read it twice and try find a meaning in it, once you've found a meaning in one song you can find them in so many other songs, It helps you see life from a different angle.  it may  sound sloppy but its true.  Music is my life.

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