Where did I go wrong?

this is about how the song 'How to save a life' ( The Fray ) has a meaning to me, its not go the happiest reasons but its a song that's really special to me


4. I'm Sorry

I'm sorry

to Tegan;

I'm sorry that I have told you everything and I'm sorry if you feel like I have placed so much on your shoulders, I'm sorry your best friend is depressed, suicidal,, and finds hardly any joy in life. I'm sorry I love you

to my Dad;

I'm sorry your youngest daughter is messed us, I'm sorry you have to deal with me all the time, I'm sorry I have a crap attitude because of the way I am, I'm sorry I put you through so much I'm sorry if you think its your fault, its not. I love you

to Shannon and Melissa;

I'm sorry if I'm a bad friend sometimes, I'm sorry if I don't always listen its because I'm lostt in my own brain trying to battle my problems, I'm sorry if I don't always come out with you to go shopping because I can't bare to face the world, I'm sorry I give you a fake smile every morning. I'm sorry, I love you both very much 



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