Now your gone...

When nialls dads gone, hes forced to move to the big, rough city of london where he gets caught up in mischief and fall in love with the romance of his dream....will his rebelious side lead her away....<3<3


1. Irish Luck gone bad...<3

*Snores* Zzzzzzzzzzz, Nialls POV: i was fast asleep untill i got woken up to lushest smell of the good old irish bacon i just new this was some kind of sign from my dad to tell me to get out of bed (END OF POV)

*i jump out of bed and slip on my gray trackie bottoms and my navy jumper, i walk into the bathroom and wash my face and headed straight for the kitchen, i walk down stairs to find the table layed and breakfast served thats when i start to talk in that cute irish accent of mine*


"Morning dad, smells soo good"

*Thats when the weak voice of my fathers said* "morning son fancy a cuppa"

Nialls POV: I cant stop staring at the sweet innocent smile on my dads face, i never knew someone could make me grin soo much, but my smile slowly fades as my eyes move up to my dads bold, empty, hairless head that got taken over by cancer, hes soo brave im soo proud of him, my thoughts get cut off from my dads voice-End Of POV:

"come on then eat up, it'll get cold" *he says smiling*

*I grab the ketchup and smotther my bacon,egg and saussages untill all i can see is red, i waste no time and just dig straight in. As im eating all is silent ,dads reading the papers ,im eating and all thats heard is the small drips off water dripping from the kitchen tap*

*i slowly place down my knife&Fork* 

" I can tell you enjoyed that niall you didnt speak a work* Dad *winks*

*laughs* "i sure did dad, you know how much i love your irish bacon" i said 

Nialls POV: I watch him, watch his every move, the weakness in his arms as he puts his newspaper down and lifts up my empty ketchup plate. End Of POV:

*i stop him* " Leave that dad ill do it*

" Thanks son, *pats me on back* you are good"

* i watch him stumble away into the lounge wearing his fluffy dressing gown and slippers,, he just wants to sleep all the time...*whisper* going to miss him :( *

* i fill up the dishwasher and collect a clean glass from the cuboard, i fill it up with water and collect dads 5 boxes of different tablets, i walk into the lounge and pass the water to him watching him place every single tablet in his mouth making sure everyone has been swolled*

"come on dad i say, time to get ready you've got your chemo-theraphy at 2pm and we need to catch the bus yet*

* we both walk up the stairs one after eacother, i grab my red towel from the airing cuboard and head to the bathroom, locking the door after me i switch on the radio, throw off my clothes and jump in the shower*

*sings* "Gotta change my answering machine
Now that I'm alone
Cause right now it says that we
Can't come to the phone
And I know it makes no sense
Cause you walked out the door
But it's the only way I hear your voice anymore......lalalalala"

* i jump out the shower and give my hair a quick towel dry then wrap the towel round my waist, i walk to my room dry myself off and open my wardrobe, i pick out my new ralph lauren tank top and slouchy jeans, slip on my nike grey high tops and shove on one of my snapbacks whilst hooking my navy ralph lauren fleece over my arm*

whilst brushing my teeth *i shout* "dad you ready"

"ready when you are he replies*

* i pick up the keys from the kitchen counter and head through the door, i lock it after me and lead dad to the bus stop, after waiting 10 minutes for the bus we both get out our bus passes and head to the two seats at the front*

Nialls POV: me and dad never talk when were on our way to the hospital, im not to sure why we just never do it always makes me nervous anything could happen* End Of POV:

*buses doors open*

Nialls POV: i can see the hospital entrance, i sigh and take a big gulp i used to be fine with hospitals but now all i see is the flashback where dad got told he had cancer, its even worse when mum misses all his chemo-theraphy sessions, she should be here with us, with dad but she cant she needs to work, we really need the money at the moment, why do things have to be soo tough...sighs* End Of POV:

* were sitting in the waiting room, people coughing, sneezing, babies crying, ill faces and then theres me&dad sitting there patienting whilst we all are surrounded by the worst thing of all, everyones enemie CANCER!.*

*after waiting a nervously, boring whole 30 minutes the doctors assistant comes out and says *Bobby Horan to Room 5 please, thats Bobby Horan to room 5"*

*both of us smile at her* 

"come on then son, lets go" dad says

* i just smile*

Nialls POV: room 5 is soo small and intimidating i wish i wasnt here i hate hospitals, i hate dad being ill, but mostly i hate cancer!, dad looks like he getting paler he doesnt seem himself what wrong..oh no!* End Of POV

*Right Mr horan for todays session were just going to do an overall check up first and then move on to your chemo therapy said the docctor gently*

"right my dad said nodding his head Gently"

*there was a few seconds of silence while the doctor scanned through my dads previous checkups*

"hhhhhmmmm, right im just going to take your blood pressure sir said  the doctor "

Bobby's POV:  i dont feel to good and this doctors making me feel unconfortable, wheres my wife i want her here, what if something goes wrong, im sure it wont *finger crossed* but im prettY sure my bloods fine why is he doing this i came for chemo not testing* End Of POV:

*As dads getting his blood pressure taken i sit there patienting on my phone, whilst flicking through my pictures i get stopped by muttering in the background....*looking up* i see the doctor whispering to his assitant....whats going on here *confused face* As i turn my head round my shoulders get picked up by the hand of the he leads me out of room 5's door he says....*

"Niall it seems that your dads blood pressure has increased drasticly, and we need to sort it out quit soo if we could just ask you to wait out here for a while bcause we need to sort things out" said the doctor with his hand on my shoulder*

Nialls POV: Oh no, why does this have to happen today me and dad were supposed to go play footbal after his chemo, as my heads in my hands i feel tears slowly sliding down my face , i need to text mum! End Of POV:

*whilst wiping my tears i grab my phone from my pocket i find my mums number and text her, the text says *Mum its dad, im not sure whats happening buts his blood pressure has increased i need you here i dont know whether can cope by myself xxx* as the tick apears on my screen showing that its sent i stare at my phone for ages. Shes not replying i need her here i really do i say to myself, at this point im the only one in the waiting room i dont know where anyone is but it makes the situation a whole lot worse when all i hear is silence......but all of a sudden the silence is broken from the slamming of doors coming from room five, dads being pushed out on a bed with wires in him*


*i run after the doctors, tears blurying up my vision i cant see anything i just keep screaming "Dad"  "DAD" as my knees loose controll and drop to floor im left there , alone, crying, not knowing where my dad is???....all i hear is the sound of footsteps running towards thats when a blury figure aproches......





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