Now your gone...

When nialls dads gone, hes forced to move to the big, rough city of london where he gets caught up in mischief and fall in love with the romance of his dream....will his rebelious side lead her away....<3<3


2. Bad news..

"Niall, Niall is that you sweetie" Screams maura

*looking up slowly i scream* "MUM!! you made it i missed you soo much"

*we embrace eachother*

Nialls POV: * It feels so good to be held in my mums arms, i dont see her much and our relationship isnt close at all, dad really needs us both here he'll be sooo shocked to see mum, well thats if we find him, where could he be...* End Of POV:

 *as we slowly push off eachother i start to blaber on and say "Mum i cant beleive you made it, dads gone, i dont know where he is im soo sorry i lost him, im such a bad son, he gone, mum help...

"SSHHHHHH" shes says calmly as she sits me down in the waiting area

*i say nothing*

"Niall im soo proud of you, if it wasnt for you looking after your dad no-one would of, since im at work all the time he would of been alone, your not a bad son at all me and your dad love you very much were soo lucky to have you* maura says whilst patting nialls back

*we smile at eachother*

"tell me what happened hun" maura said sweetly

"well me and dad were in room 5 and the doctor decided to do a check up before dads chemo-therapy, and all i remember is gettng asked to wait outside then all of a sudden dad gets rushed out with wires in him, mum i was soo scared i didnt know what to do, will he be alright" i say worrying

*maura looks away, strongly keeping in her tears "you've stayed soo strong niall, and course he'll be alright hes irish, hes one of the luckiest people alive" she says

*Me and mum sit in the waiting area, none of us are talking, its silence untill i hear....."Bobby Horan pleasee calm down everythings going to be fine" coming from down the corridor

"DAD" i scream whilst grabbing my mums hand and rushing straight towards the doctors voice

"Sorry sir but you cant come through" says the doctor whilst blocking my way

"Shutup" i shout pushing him away

"DAD" "BOBBY" me and mum shout at the same time

*Theres no reply*

*dads just led there, motionless, all is heard is *BEEP* *BEEP* thats the sound of the wires plugged into machines ,plugged into my dad*

"DAD, CAN YOU HEAR ME, DAD, PLEASE TALK TO ME" i shout starting to panick

*The doctors push me and my mum aside, "i told you you couldnt go in now look what you've seen" says the doctor in a 'told you so' voice

* i start to get angry"

" just SHUTUP!! will you, i dont care what you've told us not to do, your supposed to be in there helping my dad, NOT standing out here telling me what to do...errrrgggh..* i kick the chair and storm off to the waiting room*

"im soo sorry about him says maura sorraly to the doctor....."Niall darling come back everythings going to be ok" she echos down the corridor.

Mauras POV: *Nialls being soo brave, but ive never seen him act like this before...guess im not around him enough..*sighs*..i know bobbys in trouble and that something serious is going wrong...but i cant tell niall hes sufering enough as it is, all i can do is cross my fingers and pray nothing worse happens i promised niall he would be fine but its all going pear shaped!*<<(bad) End Of POV:

Nialls POV: *Mum keeps sitting next to me and thinking patting me on the back is going to sort everything out, WELL ITS NOT!! I shouldnt have to always pick up the peices im the child!!* End Of POV:

"niall hunny*


"Niall talk to me"


* will she shutup, i kept ignoring her, cant she see i dont want to talk to her.....errrrrgh FFS!*


Finally she was silent...


* I jumped out of my chair and ran straight to the room where dad was, i looked through the little window of the door, just seeing him lieing there smashed my heart into millions of peices, i wish i was in that situation not him, he doesnt deserve to suffer, tears came to my eyes and my vision went to blur again, i started to breathe heavier as i panicked causing condensation on the window, i started to go into a glare thats when...


"Niall lets go sweetheart"


"where we going mum"


"only to the hospital"





"Horan family to room 5!!!"  said the doctor, "heeey just a checkup today" 


"yes just a chekup" mum replied


"all done nialls very fit and healthy"

*i smile*


"Miss horan all good"



"oh no, im sooo sorry to tell you but mr horan you have CANCER!!


"CANCER" we all say as a chorus!!!! :O :O


*I start to get hot and sweaty, whats happening my eyes start to close......*passes out*



* "Niall, Niall" is all i can hear, my eyes slowly open after blinking a few times, the lights from the hospital beem down on me blinding my view, "talk to me niall, talk to me" is soon echoed....

"Daaaad" i mumble 

"wheres daaad" i repeat

* i finally come back as normally and i sit up, now im led in a hospital bed, Wtf is happening today its all going wrong, thats when my mum walks in*


"Niall hunny are you ok??" she says in a panicking voice


"yeaah why wouldnt i be?" i reply in a not bothered voice


"you passed out, oh no you cant remember, she starts to you remmeber who i am" she says hopingly


"Yes, unfortunately...i wish i didnt why are you even here me and dad dont need you" i say agressively

* maura stares at me in suprise* 


* i jump up from the hospital bed pushing mum and the doctor out the way, i turn back to them and say..." DAD NEEDS YOU ,DONT YOU UNDERSTAND THAT, STOP THINKING ABOUT YOUR SELF AND HELP DAD OUT" i scream in a tantrom voice as tears trickle down my face

*they all just stare at me in amazement*

* i reach dads room out of breath and finally bring up the courage to enter again, hes led there but this time he goes from completely still to flinching, slowly having mini fits, thats when the beeping noise from the machines get faster, and then dads flinches get faster...* 

*HEEEEELLP* i scream  " HEELP" "HELP"

* The doctors rush in and start shouting at one another, one doctor shouts*

"We need to more him into the emergency ward"

*another shouts*

" His heart rate is dropping incresively we need to make a move, and fast"

* i keep watching the machine as the numbers on there representing my dads heart rate drop faster and faster, the doctors grab dads bed and are wheeling him away quickly, im not loosing them this time, i run all the way down to the mergency ward making sure im with dad every step of the way, we finally reached my dads new room and thats when i realised that the beeping from the machines had stopped*


"Whats happeing" i cried

*none of the doctors replied as they concerntrated on dad, i watch in pain as i saw my dad suffering, my face finally birghtened up again as the beeping on the machines came back, surely thats good news i said in my head*


"Niall, please come outside" said a newly faced doctor

* i nod as i step outside*


" im soo sorry but your dads cancer has spread to his lungs and is eating away at his imune system very fast, we have tried all we can but the cancer is now cureless and your dad only has 24hrs to live, ill leave you some time to think about this" said the doctor sweetly


"24hrs and my dad will be....." i say to myself crying in agony

Nialls POV: when the doctor steped me outside i all of a sudden new that what she was about to tell me was going to be bad, my heart sunk as the word 'cureless' came out of her mouth, within at least 24hrs my dad will be up there with the angels and ill be down here alone,fartherless, why does my dad have to pass away in pain, why does he have to pass away now, he has soo much life left in him, im not leaving him, No Way! every one of his last hours are soo precious to me and i dont want to miss a minute of them! End Of POV:

* as the last door slammed,the hospital was silent, i had no idea where mum was, not like i really cared, i rested in the guest chair right next to dad moving it closer to the bed, i looked at him for a while letting tears release from eyes, hes soo special to me, as the lights turnt off in the corridor i rested my head on my dads chest as my eyes slowly closed and my body fell asleep to the loud peircing beeping sound of the machine, the clock ticked away hours were passing i was missing valuable time with my dad but we still lied there fast asleep*


*it felt soo great to be led there,cuddled up to my dad dreaming with him, thats when the silence of the hospital got broken and when i got woken but the loudest noise ever.....


Cliff hanger bitches :D

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