I would

Harry falls for the most popular girl in school. will she leave her boyfriend for harry?


2. Fangirl

Alexis never gave up hope. She went to every concert and sat in the front row! After every show she would stay in her seat and call Harry asking him to go there so they could talk. Finally one day Harry decided to go see what she wanted. He walked onto the stage. She smiled and ran to give him a hug. Harry did the polite thing and hugged her back. "Harry", Alexis said," Im so sorry for the way i treated you, I love you so much and would love to be your girlfriend." Harry sighed and said " Alexis, look i know you love me and honestly i love you to, but you are dating someone." Alexis laughed and said" no i broke up with him for you." Harry smiled and said " will you be my girlfriend?" "OF COURSE" Alexis screamed! Two years later Harry proposed. They had a beautiful wedding and nine months later they had a beautiful baby boy named Larry.

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