I would

Harry falls for the most popular girl in school. will she leave her boyfriend for harry?


1. I love you

" But I love you Alexis" pleaded Harry. Alexis laughed and said "your a loser Larry, I would never go out with you!" "Its Harry not Larry!" Harry screamed while running away. Harry ran home and laid down in his bed and cried himself to sleep. Harry dreamed about the day that Alexis would dump her boyfriend and fall into his arms.   The next day at school everyone would look at Harry and laugh. Harry thought this day would last forever. Finally the bell rang for Harry to go to his last class(choir). After all that happend yesterday Harry had forgot that today was auditons for the big duet! Harry always dreamed of singing a love song with Alexis. Harry walked into the class sighed and took his seat. The auditon song was "Let me love you" by Mario. Harry was asked to go first, so he stood up and sang the whole song without music. The whole room was shocked. Harry smiled as they stood and clapped. Alexis winked at Harry and said to the teacher that she would like to go next. Alexis stood and sang the song beautifully. The two were paired up for the duet! Harry was told to write two songs for them to sing. Harry stayed up for two nights in a row writing the songs.  On the third day Harry presented his songs to Alexis. They were called " I would" and More than this". They both chose lines and started to sing! They practiced together for to whole weeks. And decided to join the schools talent show together.  They walked up on stage like it was nothing and started to sing. " lately ive found myself thinking, dreaming about you a lot. Up in my head im your boyfriend, but thats something you already got."  The crowd loved the song! The next day Harry got a called from a talent scout that had been at the talent show. He wanted Harry to meet up with four other boys and go on the Xfactor. Harry accepted the offer and joined in the band which we all know now as One Direction.  Harry never stopped thinking about Alexis. Two years later Harry got a phone call from an unknown number. Harry didnt think nothing of it and ignored the call. Later that afternoon he listened to the voice mail, it was Alexis calling to tell Harry how sorry she was and that she loves him, and that he has no reason to forgive her but she would  love to see him. Harry called her back and said " i used to love you to but now all you want is to be with me for fame, not for who I am." Alexis said " but i love you!" Zayn (a fellow memeber of One Direction) took the phone and said "your a loser Alexia and he would NEVER go out with you!" Harry hugged Zayn and told him thank you! That is how we got Zarry!

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