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Milenisa Casey Brooke. People just call me Casey for short. I'm 14 years old, my life is complicated. School is complicated. My own home is complicated. Maybe I am over exaggerating but I am sure.

Casey.Brooke.+Niall.Horan.=<3 Love


8. Chapter 8

Niall's POV

I opened my eyes in the morning and found Casey on the chair near my hospital bed, she was sleeping, her head was on my chest and I realised she was holding my hand.

A smile grew on my face. I started fidiling with her hair and stoking her knuckles with my thumb. Greg entered the room with a toast in his hand, I instantly licked my lips.

"When did cas come here?" I asked Greg.

"She came at six in the morning." He replied. My smile grew wider, I looked down at her, she started mumbling things in her sleep.

"Cam, I won't go near him. I promise, don't tell." I looked at Greg and he looked at me, then we both stared at her.

"No!" she screamed and woke up. Tears started falling down from her beautiful face.

"Shhh, It was only a dream." I held her in a bear hug.

" I'll go get her some water." Greg said and exited the door. 


Casey's POV


"Casey what did I tell you about going near Niall, Now I have no choice but to tell about 'him."

"Cam, I won't go near him. I promise, don't tell."

"Is pretty much too late." Cam got her phone out of her pocket and texted a number.

* 5 seconds later*


From: Nialler 

You went out with Chris and cheated on him! I thought you were better then that. Dont ever call me or text me again.

I fell down on my knees.


I couldn't help but tears escaping my eyes this was all too much for me. I have to tell Niall I thought. I can't risk loosing him. He's my bestfriend. 


*********** Later on that day **************** Still at hospital **************


Niall's POV 


I couldn't hold it in anymore I had to ask what did she mean in that dream. "Cam I won't go near him.I promise.Please don't tell." I kept replaying her words in my head.

While I was daydreaming, someone knocked.

"Can I come in?" It's Casey. I need to ask her.

"Sure." She came in with some fruits.

"For you Mr. Horan."

"Wow! Thank you."

"My pleasure." Then she bowed to me. I laughed. We ate some fruits, apples and orange..



"Can I ask you something?"

"Sure. What is it?"

"Your dream yesterday.. I heard it. You were talking like you're so scared. You are talking to Camilie. What's happening Cas?"


Casey's POV


"Your dream yesterday.. I heard it. You were talking like you're so scared. You are talking to Camilie. What's happening Cas?"

"Er.. Umm You want the Truth !." Ugh. My heart beat so fast because I'm so nervous.

"Truth? What truth?"

"The reason why I'm avoiding you it's because of..of.."

"Of what?" He looks so curious.

"Ugh. It's because ...and she is ---- Camilie."

" What ! What does she got to do with all this....?"He's shocked at the same time mad.

"Okay, Camilie likes you.."

"Okay.......?" He wrinkled his eyebrows.

"Remember the day we're at the park? When I got home, she told me to stay away from you, or else.." My hands' getting sweaty. " She will tell you something that is not true.. I stay away because I don't want to lose you. Because if she will tell that to you, you'll avoid me. I don't want that to happend."

"What is that thing she will tell me?"

"About my....... past."

"Don't worry, I will never ever avoid you because I lo--I am your friend." Then I hugged him.

"Thank you for understanding me."

"Of course I will. If something's bothering you, tell me. I'm here for you okay?"

"Okay." We smiled at each other.

"Well it started last year my ex ...".


I was at the park, I  was writing my essay there because I thought nature could give me motivation.

Then the wind blew away my papers and it landed in someone else's hands he was tall, dark hair, and his eyes were round and big. It was dark, dark like the night sky.

"Er thanx for catching my papers for me." I said kinda blushing.

"No need to thank me, I need to thank the wind for making me see someone as beautiful as you." He said. I could of sworn I went red like tomato. I couldn't look into his eyes properly. I kept glancing down, I just knew if i looked into those big black eyes I would just freeze anytime.

"Thanks for the compliment."

"No problem. I'm just telling the truth. By the way, what's your name?"

"Uhm.. Casey.Casey Brooks."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Christoper. Christopher Hunter."

"Cool name, huh."

"Yeah I know."


*End of Flashback*

"And then one time, he said he liked me. He asked me if he could court me. That time I already liked him. So I said yes. He courted me for 5 months, just to make sure he's the one. Until I said yes. I can be his girlfriend. After a few months, I saw him with a girl. He cheated on me. I thought he's the one. But I was wrong." After I finished my story, Niall wiped my tears with his thumb. I didn't know I was already crying. I hate talking about my past. But for Niall, I'm willing to share it to him. Because I know, he can understand my feelings. I can feel it. After he wiped my tears, he pulled me closer to him and hugged me.

"Everything's going to be alright, Cas."

"I don't know Nialler, I really don't, he was my first love, I don't know what I did, didn't I know how to love? From that day on I vowed to never love again, to never have those kind of feelings again, because I know if I do somehow I would get hurt, and I can't just let that happen. He's dangerous Niall, those eyes, the minute you see him, you feel safe, but the thing you don't know is that his dangerous you never know what he can do." I ended my sentence. I took a deep breath and looked deep into Niall's eyes but they went a different shade of blue, it softened and it looked hurt, did I say anything wrong, or was he just feeling sorry for me?

Niall's POV

She vowed she would never love. But I love her. I can't stop loving her. She don't know how strong my feelings are for her. Only if she knew, but I am not gonna give up she is going to be mine.

I love her.... I need to know she is here or I would stop breathing, she is oxygen for me. I just need her to feel the same way. The day I could cuddle her in my arms and call her mine. I love her. 

"Don't worry I am here, no one can hurt you like that again, because if they do I am going to kick them. Irish style." I said, a little giggle came out of her mouth.

"Niall you really do know how to make me smile." she inched closer and kissed my cheek, just that kiss made my face go red.

"I love-----", I started I had to say she needs to know, wait what the fuck am I doing this might ruin our friendship is too early...

"You love---?"she trailed of waiting for me to finish my sentence. 

"I love the way you smile it just makes me laugh too." I finished, I could of sworn she started blushing, maybe she does feel the same way but I should not jump to conclusions, maybe she just found it cute.

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