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Milenisa Casey Brooke. People just call me Casey for short. I'm 14 years old, my life is complicated. School is complicated. My own home is complicated. Maybe I am over exaggerating but I am sure.

Casey.Brooke.+Niall.Horan.=<3 Love


6. Chapter 6

Casey’s POV

I woke up 10 am. It’s so late! I washed my face then I go downstairs and walked into the kitchen.
“Yeah! Bacon and Egg! My babies!” I was talking to myself. I’m a retard person. I get spoon, fork, and plate. EM SO HUNGRY!

“*yawn* Good morning Casey.” HELLO MY PERFECT COUSIN!

“Morning.” Then I continue eating. I didn’t say ‘Good’ cause she ruined my happy morning.

“So, Chris and I will be going out again later.”

“Are you dating? And do you have to tell me every time you will go out? I’m not your mom.” I chew another. If this girl didn’t get out of my sight, I’m going to lose my appetite. 

“I’m just letting you know. So that when Niall came here and find me, you have your answer.”

“Okay.” That’s the only word I said. Then she left. After I eat, I took a bath, brushed my teeth. And then that the end of my life, I have nothing to do here. I’m so bored. Maybe I’ll just invite Kate if she’s not grounded, and Lily.

To: Kate, Lily

Sup mah peeps! I’m bored here. Will you come here? Let’s have some movie marathon. Don’t worry, I have lots of chips and drinks here.

*beep* They reply so fast.

From: Lily

Sure! What time will I go there?

To: Lily

Now, make it fast.

*beep* *beep*

From: Kate

I’ll ask my mom if I can go.

To: Kate

Okay. But make it fast, I’m so booooooooooooooooored here.

From: Lily

Okay, I’m on my way.


From: Kate

I already ask mom and she said…………………………………………………….. Yes. I’m on my way now.

Ha! She scared me. While I was waiting for them, I stared at my room’s ceiling. The warning that Cam told me is flashing back to my mind. Maybe I should start avoiding Niall. It’s for his and my own good. I‘ll try my best to avoid him.

*ding dong*

I ran downstairs, I looked at the windows to find out who’s outside. Well, they are just Lily and Kate. They arrived together. I opened the door and next our gate.

“Sup Casey!” Lily said and then she hugged me so tight like we never met before.

“Li-Lily, I c-can’t brea-the.”

“Oh, sorry.” Then she let me go.

“Hey! Whaddup!” Kate said. We high fived.

“Come in.” When they came inside, we saw Camilie at the couch, she’s texting.

“Oh! Hello Camilie!” Kate said with a pissing tone. My enemy is their enemy too.

“Ugh. Shut up!” She got pissed. She walked upstairs.

“Don’t mind her.” I said.

“Fine.” Kate replied.

“Okay, what movie do you want to watch?”

“The Vow!”

“The Notebook!”

“Evil Dead!”


“Ew no. HARRY POTTER!” Lily is a big Harry Potter fan. And a Twilight Saga hater.

“What category do you want?” I asked them, because they’re freaking out.



“Comedy with Romance with matching Paranormal. You have like that?” Kate asked.

“Of course I have! LET’S WATCH WARM BODIES!”

“Good idea.” Then I played it from my hard drive.

While we are watching, someone called me. Then I realized it was Niall. He was texting me a lot since this morning. I’m not replying. Will I answer this?

“Hey Casey, someone’s calling on your phone.”

“Don’t mind that, okay let’s watch.” Then my phone stops ringing. In the middle of the movie, he called me again.

“Hey Cas, why don’t you answer the call?”

“I told you, don’t mind that call.” Then there’s the scene in the movie that the zombie is now changing.

“Ahhhhh! This zombie is so hot! Casey what’s his real name?” Kate asked me again.

“He’s Nicholas Hoult.”

“I’m going to stalk him!! His eyes is so freaking hot!!” Cause Nicholas has blue eyes. Like… Like… Like Niall’s. Ugh. Forget him!!


Niall’s pov

Why is Casey not picking up my calls... I phoned her about five times texted her about hundred times, I am scared if something happened to her.

But it says on my phone that she read the text but why is she not answering. Did I do something? I miss her already. Why don’t she pick up....

I can’t take it anymore I need to go to her house to see what is going on....

***                                              ***                                                ***



Casey’s pov

*ding dong*

“No, no, no ,no not right at my favourite part”, I whined.

“Just, go see who it is and say goodbye, but try to act nice.” Lilly said with a cheeky smile.

“Fine, I will.” I replied, I walked up to the door, and turned the knob reveling those blue eyes.

“Ni—Niall ?” I had a questioning look, he just stared right through me trying to figure out why I have not been replying to his texts and calls.


Niall's POV



“Ni-Niall?” When she saw me it was like she saw an ghost, I mean literally it was like she could see through me. What is going on with her...?


“Er, you were not replying to my texts or calls and I kinda got worried.” I told her trying not to blush or at least go a little red. She stood and stared like what felt for ever then she just ran up to her room, I could see the tears in her eyes even though she was covering it up with her face.

Casey’s POV

I just couldn’t say anything to him, I can’t be around him. No, no, no I am not gonna allow Cam to tell Niall about Chris, his way too dangerous. Niall can’t even hurt a fly, No I am not letting this happen, I stood, there but knowing I was gonna cry I covered my face and ran to my room.

I slammed my room's door shut, I closed my eyes and fell  asleep, I know I can’t let this go on forever but I have to is way too much for me to handle.


Niall’s POV


I just stood there like a tree when Lilly came with popcorn in her hand.

“What happened to Casey?” She asked waiting for an answer.

“I don’t know myself, she was avoiding me the whole day, I don’t know what I did!” I sounded like a lost dog.

“Er, why don’t you come another time, and I will speak to Cas and learn what’s going on alright?” She replied.

I nodded and headed to my car, I was lost, worried, without Cas I am a lost puppy, a

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